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Justin wins gay billboard case


Here's the happy conclusion of the parodist versus "Exodus International"- an 'ex-gay' ministry- the parodist won.

More here.

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Paris Hilton Tax Relief Act of 2006

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It appears as if the "Bush Administration" is using sex appeal to sell his tax reform policy to the American people. Now why would he have to use Paris Hilton's name in association with this policy? Is he afraid that the American people will reject his reforms without having some gorgeous babe to advertise for it. This really insults me that they would use this tactic to further oppress the working class. I am all for pulling one-self up by the bootstraps, but don't they realize that the bootstraps fray from time to time. Is this what they call compassionate conservatism? Have they asked themselves one important question; "What Would Jesus Do"? It is a shame that the only thing that the working class of America knows how to do is to look forward to getting drunk as soon as they can and listen to tough talk in the name of God; totally oblivious to what is happening to them. Economics should be a required course from grade school on up to high school. We are fighting this stupid war with deteriorating revenue and the rich do not care that the American infrastructure is on the decline. It will be a matter of time when all of their precious money will only amount to lots of paper with green ink on it. Oh well, since I am in the minority who sees this what difference does it make anyway? When death comes knocking I won't have to worry about it anyway! Thank you for listening to my venting.


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(Apologies if this has been posted before - scanned the comm, but didn't see it.)

THE CHRISTIANIZING OF AMERICA A review of Catholic Matters: Confusion, Controversy, and the Splendor of Truth by Richard John Neuhaus (Use Bugmenot to read it if you can't see the whole thing.)

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A long article, but worth the read. Here's another good article about Neuhaus and his history, if you're curious. (He was also a domestic policy adviser to Bush on stem-cell policy and gay rights).

BTW, anyone know when Damon Linker became a liberal? (or more liberal-ish - just like Kevin Phillips, I'm not sure how to describe him now.) He used to be the assistant editor of the more-Catholic-than-thou First Things, but I haven't seen any articles about there being a falling out between him and Neuhaus, the chief editor of that magazine. Linker has a book coming out in September with more about Neuhaus and Co., Theocons: Secular America Under Siege. I think I'll be picking it up.

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Proposal to bar recovery of attorneys fees in establishment of religion cases

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Source article in Baptist Press

[The Public Expression of Religion Act] would change a federal law that allows attorneys’ fees to be paid by the government when a court finds a person’s civil rights have been violated. The bill would bar the awarding of attorneys’ fees when the deprivation of rights involves the First Amendment’s ban on government establishment of religion.

Full Text of the very long article in the Baptist Press )

So, let's follow the logical progression. The ACLU is prevented from recovering legal fees when it challenges an unconstitutional religious expression. The lawyers who put in the tremendous amount of work fighting these battles can't get any compensation. The attorneys for the government entity in question are paid for their time defending said "unconstitutional religious expression". There are no more cases brought against the government challenging "unconstitutional religious expression" by government.

Why only freedom of/from religion cases? It would seem clear that Indiana’s John Hostettler is another Dominionist to keep an eye on.

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