Dark Christianity
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The next step in the gay marriage battle

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Editorial cartoon - is it really that far-fetched? )

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Question - Blame America First?

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I'm a little confused by what this is really supposed to mean. Can someone explain it for the class?

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Ms. Fire Thunder and the Oglala Sioux Planned Parenthood

Go read the post. Make donations, or not, as you wish. Show support, or not... I intend to do so.

EDIT: Be informed. See this disclaimer also.

In addition, I won't be responsible for you deciding to do this, or not. I'm only sharing the latest info on the topic, since it is at least tangentially related to this community.

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ACLU defends 'ex-gay' parody


This Daily Kos diary talks about how the ACLU helped out a blogger who had a bit of fun with an 'ex-gay' ministry's billboard.

Here's Justin's blog entry about the whole dustup.

The 'billboard', btw, is hilarious.

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A Time for Heresy


Bill Moyers speech earlier this week at Wake Forest is another 'must read'. Some excerpts:

When Dean Bill Leonard asked James Dunn to join him here at Wake Forest’s new Divinity School, my soul shouted “Yes!” These two men personify the honesty and courage we need to meet the challenge of faith in the fundamentalist dispensation of the 21st century as radical interpretations of both Islam and Christianity seek, in the words of C.Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance, “to take over the government and use cause structures to advance the ideology, hierarchy, and laws” of their movement.

James Dunn and Bill Leonard are Baptists. What kind of Baptist matters. At last count there were more than two dozen varieties of Baptists in America. Bill Clinton is a Baptist. So is Pat Robertson. Jesse Jackson is a Baptist. So is Jesse Helms. Al Gore is a Baptist. So is Jerry Falwell. No wonder Baptists have been compared to jalapeno peppers: one or two make for a tasty dish, but a whole bunch together will bring tears to your eyes.Read more... )

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