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Quoting Bible to attack gays is hypocritical


And now, a breath of fresh air...

Quoting Bible to attack gays is hypocritical
By Leonard Pitts Jr.

An open letter to Donna Reddick:

I'm writing this for Desiree. She's a student at Miami Sunset Senior High, where you teach business technology. A few days ago, she sent me an e-mail recounting an incident that happened on campus last week.

It seems that on three successive days, the morning announcements, which are televised throughout the school, featured student-produced segments on the subject of gay rights.

On the first day came comments from students who took the pro position. On the second day came remarks from a counselor who spoke of the need for students to respect one another. On the third day came you.

You and a few students, actually. One told classmates homosexuality was ''unacceptable in the eyesight of God.'' Another said gays were ``unrighteous.''Read more... )

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Narrow views


Bigotry From Cradle to Grave: In the world view of the Religious Right, there is no place for gay people and their 'homosexual agenda.' (x-posted to [info]kiji_kat)

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Meme of the Day: Forced Childbirth

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Don't think of evangelicals and others who are anti-choice as "Pro-Life" think of them as being in favor of FORCED CHILDBIRTH. and why? they are, for the most in favor of War and the Death Penalty.

of Course they are in favor of Forced Childbirth, because the wars of old need young men to die,and the jails must be filled.

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Conn. Considers Bill to Prevent Proselytism in the Workplace


Preventing Proselytism in the Workplace

There's nothing worse than being a 'captive audience' at some mandantory meeting where people spew religious stuff- especially if you are not religious, and don't care to be evangelized... I am glad this CT bill is on the table.

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Witchvox article: Encounter with a True Believer


This Witches Voice essay is interesting for its amazingly accurate portrayal of the "intellectual constipation" and sheer patronizing bloody-mindedness of the True Believer™.

A small taste:

"Have you ever read the Old Testament?"

"Some of it," I say, "and that's all I need. I found it appalling."

He says something else, attempting to make me see... something. I ask him, "So, is this something like, 'do not suffer a Witch to live'?"

He smiles and almost nods... and continues smiling, as though he thinks I've finally seen the light or something. I can't stand it.

I've had enough. I hold up my hand and tell him, as calmly as I may, that I appreciate what he is trying to do for me. No, I'm serious. I can understand where he's coming from... from his point of view, I am going to burn in Hell. He is concerned for my soul's wellbeing. I tell him that I am happy where I am. I have found my path, and everyday I go forth upon this path and search for answers. And I don't want him to continue. Be glad for me, as I am for you, that I have found my path. This is unacceptable to the preacher.

"I have your answers right here," he says. He has one of those small, digital things... an electronic Bible.

"No, thank you. I have trod that path and been left unfulfilled. I found no answers, I got no results. Perhaps I will tread that path again some day, but today is not the day. Thank you for what you are trying to do, but no thank you, just the same. I seek and I learn, and what you have is not for me." He smiles at me... he smiles, and it is condescending, like a parent patiently correcting a wayward child.

"There is doubt in your voice," he says gently, soothingly.

The proverbial snake in my garden.

The whispering in my ear.

There is no doubt in me... though he sought to plant some.

I've had a few encounters like that...

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Turn the radio on... Evangelical domination of shortwave


I have a shortwave radio. And nearly every American English station I tune in is Christian. How did this happen? Here's the answer:

"It is still a free country and they have a right to say a lot of things," said WWCR General Manager George McClintock.

"We pretty much let anyone say what they want," said Weiner. "Our listeners demand that we be as open and free speech as possible. They crave it. They demand it."

Besides, "The FCC doesn't really monitor the content on U.S. shortwave," White said. "I don't think they see that as their mission or concern. They are more worried about whether a station's technical parameters are correct."

That said, U.S. shortwave broadcasters often suffer grief from their clients' programming. Even radio's renegades have their limits.

For instance, WWCR learned that neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel was using his airtime to deny the Holocaust. "We threw the program off," said McClintock. Zundel had been broadcasting in German, and WWCR's operators didn't understand what he was saying.

Even so, many Americans associate U.S. shortwave with far-right broadcasts. This is ironic, given that most of what McClintock calls "militia money" stopped flowing to shortwave broadcasters when the dreaded year 2000 finally arrived. Apparently the New World Order's "non-collapse," in McClintock's words, severely hurt the militias' ability to solicit donations from listeners.

All in all, U.S. SW broadcasters operate in a strange, Twilight Zone kind of world, but one that they relish. Passport's Magne believes that U.S. shortwave broadcasters enjoy it so much that they don't want the FCC to loosen its archaic restrictions on domestic shortwave.

"The truth is that they like it the way it is," he said. "If the rules were changed, it could open the floodgates to more competition."

An unfair accusation? Not according to WRMI's White.

"We discussed changing the rules at the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters' convention a few years ago," he said. "In fact, the FCC asked for our help in doing so. However, after some discussion, a lot of people came to Magne's conclusion: that we're all better off just leaving things as they are. After all, under the current regime, the FCC pretty much leaves us alone. If the rules were changed, then they might get serious about enforcing them."

"If it works for you, leave it alone," said McClintock. Granted, the FCC shortwave rules are "as loose as a goose," he said. But "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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Catholic Charities Ends All Adoptions -- To Avoid Adopting to Gays

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]britzkrieg)

Beautiful hypocrisy:

In a stunning turn of events, Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley and leaders of Catholic Charities of Boston announced yesterday that the agency will end its adoption work, deciding to abandon its founding mission, rather than comply with state law requiring that gays be allowed to adopt children.

The Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, president of Catholic Charities of Boston, and Jeffrey Kaneb, chairman of the board, said that after much reflection and analysis, they could not reconcile church teaching that placement of children in gay homes is ''immoral" with Massachusetts law prohibiting discrimination against gays...

Almost immediately after the announcement, Governor Mitt Romney, who was in Tennessee speaking to a Republican group, issued a statement saying he would file legislation to exempt religious organizations that provide adoption services from the state's antidiscrimination laws.
Full Story

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The Godly Art of Child Abuse

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]catvincent)

A relevant article, found by a friend on the LJ abusesurvivor community.
It discusses Biblical references to power-over and abusive parental relationships.
(NB - highly critical of Christianity in general. Also possible abuse triggers. Be sure you want to click on this first.)
"In retrospect it is rather obvious, but while I was there the cataract of denial was too great: the natural product of an abusive religion is an abusive household."

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God hates Missouri

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This weekend God made His will will unequivocably clear through the natural elements. He sent over 100 hurricanes to these sinners in retribution for trying to make a law respecting an establishment of religion. It's only logical that since God is omnipotent there must be a reason for every natural disaster. Why be omnipotent if you can't flex your muscles every once in awhile and kill the innocents of a particular region for the sins of their neighbours? Why else would He send hurricanes to Florida every time they vote Republican? My detractors will tell you there have been hurricanes and tornados hitting this continet long before the white man arrived and mucked everything up. To them I only ask, how do you know? You weren't there.

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