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The Return of Patriarchy

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I stole this article from nonfluffypagans because I thought it might create an interesting discussion on this list about how the rise in Dominionism (which of course is patriarchal in nature) will influence population and global power issues in the United States. Enjoy! (or freak out, whatever)

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A good sign?

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Is there dissention in the ranks?

In election year, GOP wary of following Bush
‘He has no political capital,’ GOP pollster says of Bush amid ports fallout

Poll: Bush at low point, GOP support weakens
Concerns by some party loyalists could impact congressional elections

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Men's activists launch 'Roe v. Wade for Men'
Group says men shouldn't have to pay support for unwanted children

After recovering from my initial reaction of "WTF?", I don't even know where my thoughts are on this one other than the fact that I don't think the name of 'Roe v. Wade for Men' is appropriate. I'm gonna have to think on this for a little but before I draw my thoughts together.

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Dogemperor's NOLA Big List notes the FDA ban on accepting donated blood from the gay individuals. Looks like some student groups are challenging the ban.

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Record numbers flocking to evangelical Christian colleges

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The madness may be spreading...

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Creationism in UK education syllabus

According to the article, Creationism/ID ideas are being used as examples of "different ways of interpreting epirical evidence".

I'm not too worried about this at the moment, since
(a) It's not a political issue pushed for by lobbyists
(b) The exam boards in question are insisting that Creationism is *not* to be taught as fact
(c) I'm confident that a Religious Right situation is still a long way off in Britain (we have a population that doesn't really care, and a national Church of England who prefer to avoid sticking their noses into politics, except on big issues)

But I thought it might be worth mentioning here... Commentators are bringing the American controversy about Intelligent Design, even though this would seem to be only tangentially related

On the other hand, some might well consider this the Thin End Of The Wedge.


NB for Americans: GCSEs are the exams taken by British children at age 16. They mark the end of the point at which schooling is compulsory

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