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Domino's Pizza money to build Dominionist town


entire article http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11434439/site/newsweek/

"For Tom Monaghan, the devout Catholic who founded Domino's Pizza and is now bankrolling most of the initial $400 million cost of the project, Ave Maria is the culmination of a lifetime devoted to spreading his own strict interpretation of Catholicism. Though he says nonbelievers are welcome, Monaghan clearly wants the community to embody his conservative values. He controls all the commercial real estate in town (along with his developing partner, Barron Collier Cos.) and is asking pharmacies not to carry contraceptives. If forced to choose between two otherwise comparable drugstores, Barron Collier would favor the one that honored that request, says its president and CEO, Paul Marinelli. Discussing his life as a millionaire Catholic who puts his money where his faith is, Monaghan says: "I believe all of history is just one big battle between good and evil. I don't want to be on the sidelines."

The ACLU of Florida is worried about how he's playing the game. "It is completely naive to think this first attempt [to restrict access to contraception] will be their last," says executive director Howard Simon. Armed with a 1946 Supreme Court opinion that "ownership [of a town] does not always mean absolute dominion," Simon will be watching Ave Maria for any signs of Monaghan's request's becoming a demand. Planned Parenthood is similarly alarmed."

Imagine a town completely owned by a very religious man who wants to make his thoughts and feelings into the law for his town.

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A new group in the United States, Christians United for Israel, will serve as an umbrella organization for Christian congregations that support Israel, and will lobby for Israel.

Some 400 Christian community leaders met in San Antonio, Texas, two weeks ago to establish the group, which Christians United officials said represents about 30 million Americans.

The organization's main goal is to create a rapid-response network "targeted to reach every senator and congressman" in the United States...

Also examine the 'talkback' postings. What do you see?

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Dominionist Victim & Fear-Mongering at its finest


The War on Christians and the values voter in 2006
March 27 -28, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Senator Sam Brownback
Senator John Cornyn
Congressman Tom DeLay
Congressman Todd Akin
Congressman Louis Gohmert

Rick Scarborough
Phyllis Schlafly
Alan Keyes
Gary Bauer
Janet Parshall

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South Dakota to ban abortions

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]ns_kumiho)

A US state legislature has approved a bill to ban most abortions, in a move aimed to force the US Supreme Court to reconsider its key ruling on the issue.

The South Dakota draft law - which needs approval by the governor, known to be against abortion - seeks jail for doctors who perform terminations.

Exceptions will be made if a woman's life is at risk, but not for rape


It calls for jail sentences of five years for doctors who perform abortions, even in cases where the woman has been raped, her health is threatened or she became pregnant in an incestuous relationship.


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I have some very sketchy information on WorldNetDaily, and every time I read the site itself, I feel icky.

Does anyone have any information on the site (aside from the Wikipedia entry, which I have read)...

It is said that WND is a "conservative" site, but stuff I have read on it comes across as Dominionist and such.


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