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A Program to Decode Religous References in Political Speeches


In case you have trouble knowing when the pres is talking in code, this software will supposedly decode transcripts of the speech for you. I have not yet tried this myself. You'll probably need Unix, an OS X terminal or similar command shell on a Windows system(Cygwin for example).

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Faith- or Bigotry- based government?


This Talk To Action story talks about the spread of 'faith-based' initiatives and the destruction of secular services in favor of faith based ones:

The Faith-Based Initiative represents a dramatic shift in the way government funds social welfare services for our nation's most needy citizens. The design and implementation of the initiative raise serious and deeply troubling implications for the religious freedom of all Americans -- and the integrity of our nation's religious institutions.

No one knows how much money is being pumped into them. There is no accountability. We only know what programs are being slashed to hand their funding over to the religious organizations.

Bush has pushed for increased funding for religion-based groups while proposing deep cuts for many traditional anti-poverty programs. The result is that many small church- and community-based social service programs are slowly assuming the lead role in the war on poverty once held by long-established community development organizations..... Bush's 2006 budget proposed slashing public housing subsidies, food stamps, energy assistance, community development, social services and community services block grants -- programs that for decades have constituted the federal anti-poverty fight....

At the same time, Bush's budget proposal for next year contemplates adding $385 million in new religion-based programs to this year's eventual total. The federal government awarded more than $2 billion in such grants in 2004 -- nearly double the amount awarded in 2003. Funding under the president's faith- and community-based initiative has gone up despite Congress's refusal to enact legislation that would allow faith-based groups to discriminate by religion when hiring staff, something Bush says should be allowed as long as they offer their services to people of all faiths and do not use federal money to proselytize.

None of this money is going to any non-Christian group. Not a single penny- to Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, or Pagan groups. It's all Christian, and all conservative. {Source]

And funding these groups gives them permission to discriminate in their hiring practices, which groups like the Salvation Army openly do- discriminating against non-Christians, women, and single people.

They waste money- and are not effective. These Faith-based myths should be read and understood. This is all a part of the deliberate dismantling of the organs of secular government and the bankrupting of that government in favor of creating a Christian structure of government that will take over when the old secular government collapses.

Thing is: the Christian version is weaker and more corrupt than the secular. We need to understand this, and do what we can to try to preserve and reverse the deliberate corrosion and starving of our secular entities. While they are not perfect, they are accountable, and are inclusive, which cannot be said about the Christian organizations.

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Dr. Teresa Whitehurst on The Intolerance of Christian Conservatives

Excerpt )

Dr. Whitehurst is a well known Christian author and clinical psychologist. Her book Jesus on Parenting refutes the popular "conservative" parenting values based on "spare the rod, spoil the child" and instead approaches parenting from the loving viewpoint of Christ's own words. We need more like her.

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Owning a city

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For Tom Monaghan, the devout Catholic who founded Domino's Pizza and is now bankrolling most of the initial $400 million cost of the project, Ave Maria is the culmination of a lifetime devoted to spreading his own strict interpretation of Catholicism. Though he says nonbelievers are welcome, Monaghan clearly wants the community to embody his conservative values. He controls all the commercial real estate in town (along with his developing partner, Barron Collier Cos.) and is asking pharmacies not to carry contraceptives. If forced to choose between two otherwise comparable drugstores, Barron Collier would favor the one that honored that request, says its president and CEO, Paul Marinelli. Discussing his life as a millionaire Catholic who puts his money where his faith is, Monaghan says: "I believe all of history is just one big battle between good and evil. I don't want to be on the sidelines."

The ACLU of Florida is worried about how he's playing the game. "It is completely naive to think this first attempt [to restrict access to contraception] will be their last," says executive director Howard Simon. Armed with a 1946 Supreme Court opinion that "ownership [of a town] does not always mean absolute dominion," Simon will be watching Ave Maria for any signs of Monaghan's request's becoming a demand. Planned Parenthood is similarly alarmed. So far, Naples Community Hospital, which plans to open a clinic in Ave Maria Town, says it will not prescribe any birth control to students. Will others be able to get the pill? "For the general public, the answer is probably yes, but not definitely yes," says hospital point man Edgardo Tenreiro. The Florida attorney general's office says the issue of limiting access will likely have to be worked out in court. Barron Collier and Monaghan say they're following Florida law.

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One more... scientists turning to clergy for help in fight against ID

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"We believe that the theory of evolution is a foundational scientific truth, one that has stood up to rigorous scrutiny and upon which much of human knowledge and achievement rests," they wrote.

Catholic experts have also joined the movement.

"The intelligent design movement belittles God. It makes God a designer, an engineer," said Vatican Observatory Director George Coyne, an astrophysicist who is also ordained. "The God of religious faith is a god of love. He did not design me."

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faith v. fear

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So, in chapel today (oh the joys of attending Christian univeristy), and Tiger Dawson of Halftime spoke to us. While a lot of it was pretty cool, there was the "no rain before the flood" comment harped on, which most people around me nodded in assent. But I was curious about what kind of orginization Halftime was...
It's an initiatve of the Leadership Network, which is partnered with Lifeway Christian Resources, Zondervan and Church Communication Network, among others. The thing that bothers me about all of these programs is that while I know they're Christian, they're first and foremost buisnesses and selling things. . . It's no doubt to me that this is conservative, but that doesn't make it dominionst. It's more the emphasis on money that makes me think.
Does anyone have any ideas about these groups?

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Are things shifting? Maybe? A little?


National Council Of Churches Denounces Iraq War, Accuses Bush Admin. Of "Raining Down Terror"...

Whatever our personal beliefs (person of faith, agnostic, or atheist), we have to support voices like these. Most of humanity is affiliated in some way with a faith tradition, and if we don't help change the face of the false Christianity that American Dominionists are showing to the world, it's going to get uglier and uglier. 

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From Dallas Morning News (subscription required)

'Opt-out' idea irks professors
Arizona measure would let students skip work they found offensive

Article behind the cut )

If this passes, degrees from Arizona universities will be good for exactly one thing.

Emergency toilet paper.

Found on the journal of [info]mstical1.

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Only Pictures?

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Only Pictures?

a cogent interview with two American cartoonist: Joe Sacco and Art Spiegleman, the creator of MAUS, a graphic novel about WWII with the nazi'sportrayed as cats, and Jews as Trapped mice. It caused quite an uproar when first published.

Read and reflect.

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On a lighter (but still serious) note I would like to direct your attention to the following links.

One is an article by a personal fav blogger Prof. PZ Myers:


It concerns biblically correct tours. This is a group that takes people on tours of natural history museums and gives them the "biblically correct" version of what they find on display. The website for the group involved is hilarious.


One of the bits that just knocked me out of my chair was on their store page about halfway down there is a VHS for Jack Theist Meets Dr. Secular. The description is priceless.


Jack Theist Meets Dr. Secular


Many Christians cower in mindless fear at secularism's persuasive power. Yet, we are exhorted to be transformed by the renewing, not the removing, of our minds. In this video you will hear Dr. Secular's followers chant the merits of a secular worldview. You will witness firsthand its chokehold on our culture. Then watch as Jack Theist destroys Dr. Secular's arguments with Biblical Truth. Once again you will be able to step out into the culture with renewed confidence. As a Christian you have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love and discipline and a sound mind.

On a serious note, this sort of thing does concern me. It could merely be that I am becoming more aware of this sort of thing, but these people seem to be infesting avery aspect of our culture. And even though most of it is painfully pathetic and embarrassingly funny it seems that so many people are buying into it anyway. It has a sort of 1950s body snatchers horror movie aspect to it. Is it really that bad or is it a problem of perspective for me?

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