Dark Christianity
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Theocratic capitalism appeals to human lust for money, power, and military rule.


“This is the year God wants to make you a millionaire.” The visiting evangelist stomped back and forth on the stage of the rented school building. His “hallelujahs” and “praise God” crescendos were followed by jumping up and down. Sweat ran down his face as he proclaimed that the church members would not need to be afraid if the economy collapses and their neighbors houses are foreclosed upon because they are blessed and will have all of their needs met. The service ended with the explanation that the first step to becoming a millionaire is to pledge $200 of “seed faith money” to the church .

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Pat Robertson accused of Damaging Movement


Pat Robertson's peers say his off the wall remarks are damaging the extreme religious right's reputation.

Ya think?

"[Robertson] is in a very visible leadership position and comments such as recent ones related to Mr. Sharon and so many others are misinformed and presumptuous and border on arrogance," said David Dockery, president of Union University, a private college affiliated with the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

Dockery suggested Robertson might want to consult other theologians "before making these pronouncements so quickly."

"It puts the evangelical movement in a bad light when that happens because people make broad generalizations, rightly or wrongly, all the time," said Dockery, who also is chairman of the board for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

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Christian Defense Coalition Disappointed and Troubled that President Bush has not Publicly Responded to Alabama Church Burnings

Why does the word 'useful as Kristalnacht' keep appearing in my head? Oh yes...that would be my extreme Cynicism...

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