Dark Christianity
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Something I found

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I was doing a bit of research tonight, on a particular theological topic, and I came across this

Christian Restoration Movement - A movement about ending divisions within Christianity; It's the movement that the United Church Of Christ sprang from.

All this talk of Unity would seem to make them pretty much the opposite of the DOminionists (who thrive on causing schisms, and making people convert to "their type" of Christianity.

Obviously, Wiki has some book suggestions, but I was wondering what any of you folks might (or might not) have heard about this? Any suggested reading matter? There's a lot of biblical basis for their position, and a lot of it directly refutes the Dominionist position using their own weapon (The Bible) against them...

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Fun with stealth evangelism and ripoffs of corporate logos

...or, will Microsoft start going after Salem Communications?

At this link, there is discussion going on in regards to an advert being used by a group connected with "CrossWalk" that is almost a direct ripoff of the Xbox 360 logo:
copy of the offending advert )
Now, CrossWalk is one of those names that tends to throw up *major* alarm bells for me. For those who aren't aware, CrossWalk is actually a division of Salem Communications--owner of a large "godcasting" radio empire that has connections to (among other things) Calvary Chapel's wholescale hijacking of radio translator licenses and which itself has engaged in deliberate attempts to hijack licenses of "full power" public broadcasting stations. More directly of note, however, CrossWalk is also one of the more than 40 documented front groups of the Assemblies of God and, in typical fashion, is also apparently a brand-name heavily used by Assemblies-connected groups in general including at least one group specifically targeting children.

This particular "CrossWalk" does use the same logo as the one used by Salem Communications' CrossWalk, but (in a notable exception) claims to be a Lutheran church. However, it happens to be a member of a dominionist synod of the Lutheran church (the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod; per at least one report this is one of the dominionist branches of Lutheranism (and probably the most hardline of all of them); the Wisconsin Synod is considered so far to the right of most Lutheran groups (even making the Missouri Synod look moderate in comparison) it can be considered a dominionist breakaway sect).

Of note, the group seems to be explicitly targeting children, not just in the advertising but in that it is promoting the "CrossWalk for Kids" meetings. (From what little I've been able to find out, it does seem connected to Salem Communications' CrossWalk.com.)

At least two separate blogs dedicated to gaming, including the unofficial blog of the director of XBox Live programming.

EDIT: The website Church Marketing Sucks has an excellent commentary on the issue of "religious ripoffs"--almost direct ripoffs of trademarks and service marks to advertise dominionist churches, promote "bait and switch" evangelism, and generally try to be terribly clever.

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ABA Awards Provisional Accreditation to Christian Law School

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The community Wiki

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One area that we opened late, of which you may not be aware, is the Glossary. It was opened at the request of [info]deedop, and was initially populated (by me) with the phrase [info]deedop was trying to remember.

That's all that is in the glossary right now. I know I can dig through all the past posts looking for the wonderfully informative posts and replicating the keyword content. Or some of you who know this stuff off the top of your head can help. It is a collaborative environment, you know?

Consider this a gentle nudge. Go, update, please.

EDIT: I do intend this to be the last time I directly mention the Wiki for its own sake. I do reserve the right to direct folks to it as appropriate for specific needs.

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Here we go again...

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]cyber_istari) Just saw on [info]state_of_belief:

NC GOP asking state churches for copies of church directories. Fortunately, some state church leaders are warning against it, mostly on privacy grounds.

(Never posted a story before. Forgive me if I missed this one in the community already.)

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the "God Warrior" is doing an encore TONIGHT!


Tonight's "previously enjoyed" episode of Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy finds heated mama Marguerite Perrin looking for a way to cool down while her hen-pecked hubby lies low and does what he's told. Marguerite became something of a media sensation last year in her TV debut, thanks to her oft-stated faith in the Lord. What, you'd rather be watching the Winter Olympics than this? (Global, Fox)

Tonight on Fox, 8 pm EST/7 pm CST. Check your local listing; it's a two-hour event!

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Paul Weyrich, widely considered one of the founding fathers of the modern conservative movement, is looking North these days with hopes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's newly elected conservative government will transform the social and political landscape of Canada.

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Tonight's episode of "Trading Spouses"


...captured the dark side of Christianity to a "T." This is not a program that I normally watch, but this episode had me riveted.

The "Prayer Warrior" Prima Donna was taken in by a host family of upscale New Age hippies, and every little thing about them rattled her chain as a possible sign of the Dark Side (her words)! By the end of the week, she had gone into a full-fledged psychotic break. The episode ends with a screaming rant wherein she tears up the $50,000 check and orders the camera crew out of her house - "in Jesus name I pray, amen!" (After she had calmed down, however, she decided to keep the money.)

In the other home, the puzzled hypnotherapist mom (who looks like Cher) hosted a potluck and was confronted by the Prayer Warrior's kindred spirits - a houseful of supercilious bitches demanding to know her religious credentials.

Guess whose kids liked their new stepmom better!



"Chris wants to continue reaching out to Marguerite and takes her to the radio station.... When they get on the air, Chris announces to the audience the guest is a psychic. Marguerite immediately gets defensive and furious. She storms out of the radio booth, while she begins breaking down. 'Find me a church,' she orders the camera crew. Chris is baffled; he doesn’t understand how someone can be so close-minded.... After crying in the bathroom, Chris wants Margaret to talk to the man, but Margaret is afraid to get evil on her. The psychic [who has been wearing a cross since age 12] makes an effort, but it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for somebody to get through to Margaret."

This experience has given this lady a better look at her true character than $50,000 worth of psychotherapy could ever have done. I'm afraid it is all for naught, however. If a monkey looks into the mirror, no philosopher will look out!

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