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Conscience Clauses vs Hippocratic Oath?

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So, I never thought of it before, but how do these two square? While theres no obvious conflict when it comes to birtch control pills and stuff, what about these ones that are so broad that, for instance, someone could refuse to treat me because I'm gay, and they would be totally immune from any consequences?

What about the hippocratic oath?

Aren't there any laws that could conflict with a clause that would allow doctors not to treat a person and put their life in danger?

What are legitimate "conscience" issues? What if its in an emergency situation? Would a person just be allowed to invoce conscience clauses with no real explanation while someone is bleeding to death?

I wonder if our pitiful mainstream press with even acknowledge these questions?

This may sound odd, but if these clauses pass, are we going to need to modify medical schools and such entirely? Perhaps medical schools should start making it clear that, if you are a health provider or doctor or whatever, then you WILL encounter situations that may conflict with your beliefs, and that if you cannot put your beliefs aside for your profession, then perhaps you should look for another career?

I think there are a LOT of things that need to be addressed in this issue, but these things are being largely ignored, and the media and everyone else are letting the theocrats make it a stupid fairness issue.

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Join the Debating team or lose the religious arguement

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and, your religious liberty among others. debating for christ:

Feb. 6, 2006 issue - When you believe the end of the world is coming, you learn to talk fast. On a Friday afternoon the debate team from Liberty University, Jerry Falwell's fundamentalist Baptist college, is madly rehearsing for the tournament about to begin. This year's topic: should the United States increase diplomatic and economic pressure on China. They may just be practicing, but you wouldn't know it from the menacing mosquito-buzz rising as all 20 debaters read their speeches at once, as fast as they can. Policy debate on the college level has become a rapid-fire verbal assault, an arguments-per-minute game, that sounds more like the guy at the end of the car commercial than an eloquent Oxford intellectual. There is tension and more than a little spittle in the air. The Liberty team is currently ranked No. 1 in the country, above Harvard (14th) and all the other big names. But for the evangelicals, there's a lot more at stake than a trophy. Falwell and the religious right figure that if they can raise a generation that knows how to argue, they can stem the tide of sin in the country. Seventy-five percent of Liberty's debaters go on to be lawyers with an eye toward transforming society. "I think I can make an impact in the field of law on abortion and gay rights, to get back to Americans' godly heritage," says freshman debater Cole Bender.

They are the NO.1 RANKED DEBATING TEAM IN THE USA. If "liberals" secularists and memberso f other religious demonitations don't, we will be living in the land of the Handmaidens Tale....

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