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Know your Creationists; know your friends


This excellent Kos Diary has an excellent and in-depth interview with Dr. Wesley Elsberry of the National Center for Science Education. His testimony was instrumental in winning the Dover PA intelligent design trial.

Do you feel that Separation of Church and State is integral to the health of the nation and to the integrity of religious freedom for every American? Are you worried your community may become the next national embarrassment, solely because of a few knuckle dragging anti-science demagogues dominating your local school board? Or maybe you're an atheist, an agnostic, or progressive Christian, who is sick and tired of religion being hijacked to fill the coffers of political opportunists and right-wing ideologues? Perhaps you're a science teacher? If so, I have a friend I'd like you to meet: His job is to help you, and with a little help from his friends, it's a job he's exceedingly good at it.

Dr. Wesley Elsberry works for the National Center for Science Education, which means he works for anyone who values science and science ed. Wesley and the NCSE were a driving force behind the recent win in the Dover, Pa. Intelligent Design Creationism case. And he is something else: Living proof that not only can you be a Christian and embrace science, you can actively work to expose and defeat those who would happily cast you or your religious friends as ignorant dopes in order advance the most un-American policies in living memory. I had a chance to chat with Wesley and ask him about the recent victory, future battles, his religious beliefs, and related issues. His answers below are illuminating; his critique of purveyors of anti-science who misuse his own Christian faith, is sharp.

Go read it. It's very enlightening.

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well this was predictable


walgreen pharmacists sued walgreens after they are fired for not complying with the illinois law

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