Dark Christianity
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From http://www.agapepress.org :

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Gary Hart on Gods and Caesars


I'm not "uncomfortable" with the way Jesus is being tossed around -- I'm angry about it. I'd go well beyond discomfort. I think the religious right is making Jesus into some kind of Old Testament wrathful prophet who is judgmental, divisive, and opposed to any notion of liberalism, whereas the teachings of Jesus tell quite a different story. He was tolerant. He was forgiving. He preached love, not hate. In many ways, the literal reading of the teachings of Jesus in the gospels, particularly not filtered through the later apostles in the New Testament, but the literal teachings of Jesus as portrayed in the gospels, are almost totally at odds with the teachings of the present-day religious right. ~Gary Hart

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Groups using federal funds are accused of proselytizing

edit: visit www.bugmenot.com to read w/out registering.

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Something Sick from Jack T. Chick!

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For those of you not familiar with Jack T. Chick, this URL will link to his latest tract. I find it a particularly telling expose of this Dominionist's true feelings about non-Christians. And in his own words, too!

Anyone who may be triggered by viewing Dominionist literature may wish to skip this.

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