Dark Christianity
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doctors can discriminate on religious grounds, argues California appeals court

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US court rules against lesbian fertility patient )

Hi, I've been lurking. I don't recall if this original story was posted before, but this is an update in any case. Article source here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1657878,00.html

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2006 nude bible calendar

I think I can hear Rev Wildmon & Dr Dobson erupting already.

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Many Bible believing scholars argue that “other gods” such a Buddha, Mohamed, Krishna, Vishnu, and the rest are, in fact, demons who hide themselves behind the masks of these long dead teachers, and mythical characters. As such, the other religions of the world are not only contrary to Christianity, but are by nature demonic. Christian scholars argue that all other spiritual doctrines (especially Eastern) have been crafted by Satan himself to lead the world astray. They teach that the “spirit guides” of the New Age Revolution are the “spirits of devils,” and their purpose is to lead mankind into darkness.

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