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Question is Dominionism merely Fascism with a religious justification

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I recently read an article from [info]guerillanews and am passing it along as well. As a few thoughts which I asked myself while reading about fascism and how it compares to dominionism.

Are Fascism and Dominionism really the same animal, just one has a religious justification/backing to its madness?

Additionally I also am posting from the Council for Secularism and an article about how Hitler was not an Atheist as many Religious Reich members tell their flock of sheeple.

The statement; " That America will see Fascism, yet it will be called anti-facism". Well, I've seen the fascism and its many forms including Dominionism and other religious cults that are out there.  

Fascism... )

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Another broadcast fight


Christian network fights for TV station

Saturday, November 26, 2005


SANTA ANA, Calif. -- For more than 30 years, public television station KOCE has dedicated coverage to Orange County in a media market otherwise dominated by the news and glitz of nearby Los Angeles.

But the small station is now battling in court to prevent Daystar, one of the nation's largest Christian networks, from taking over its airwaves.Read more... )

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Major e-conference with Mother Jones Tuesday


Talk to Action, the first national interactive blog site devoted to discussing the theocratic Christian Right and what to do about it, will host a national "e-conference," on the Talk to Action site, featuring writers and editors of Mother Jones which is publishing several articles about the religious right in the next issue. The event will begin at 10am EST, Tuesday, November 29th.

Talk To Action

Talk to Action, founded by author Frederick Clarkson, blogger Bruce Wilson, and 14 other writers, seeks to advance the national conversation on this subject.

"We are concerned about the theocratic tendencies of the religious right in the United States," said Clarkson. "Among other things, claims that America is a Christian Nation; sectarian approaches to public policy such as efforts to require the teaching of "intelligent design"; the movement to redefine our laws in terms of religious laws; and a growing culture of religious intolerance and religious supremacism. We welcome anyone who shares our concerns to think and learn with us. Strategize with us. Debate with us."

http://www.talk2action.org /story/2005/11/22/115617/98

Participants in the pioneering Talk to Action E-Conference include Clarkson; Mother Jones Senior Editor, Monika Bauerlein; Communications Director Richard Reynolds, and contributors John Sugg and Susan Jacoby. Sugg details the role of the theocratic Christian Reconstructionist movement in the American Christian Right; and Jacoby counters the Christian right's arguments about the role of religion and government by outlining the intent of the framers of the constitution to clearly separate church and state.

Former Sen. Gary Hart (D-CO), will also be making a guest appearance. Hart has just published God and Caesar in America: An Essay on Religion and Politics (Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing, 2005).

Clarkson, the author of the book, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy, has written about politics and religion for more than 20 years. The founding writers also include: Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates; Joan Bokaer, founder of Theocracy Watch; Esther Kaplan, author of With God on Their Side: How Christian Fundamentalists Trampled Science, Policy and Democracy in George Bush's White House; Michelle Goldberg, Senior Writer, Salon.com; Dr. Bruce Prescott, Executive Director, Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists; Rev. Dan Schultz, a minister in the United Church of Christ who operates the blog site, Street Prophets; and Joel Pelleteir, an artist whose remarkable painting American Fundamentalists, is touring the United States.

Talk to Action, like such major blog sites as The Daily Kos, uses "scoop" software, that has proved to be highly conducive to online discussion. The site differs from other major sites, however, in that it seeks to be less freewheeling in tone as well as content. Talk to Action seeks a more thoughtful, civil, and nonpartisan tone than is found on many sites. While anyone can read the site, those who agree with it's general purpose are welcome to become registered users, publish their own essays, and comment on the posts of others.

"We favor religious equality and separation of church and state," Clarkson said. "We support reproductive freedom and gay and lesbian civil rights -- including marriage equality. Therefore," he says, "debates about abortion and gay rights are off topic on this site. We understand that there are those who may be concerned generally about the politics of the Christian Right, who may not completely share our view on these matters. They are welcome to participate anyway, but bearing this in mind. Our purpose is to take the conversation forward, and not let it be held back by debating what, in our view are or should be, settled matters of human and civil rights.

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