Dark Christianity
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What *is* The Mission's mission...?

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By accident tonight I happened to be sitting in front of the TV and caught the 10 pm news. For those of you in/near the Chicago area, this may be of interest.

Channel 5 had a report on a mission named Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission, which is based in Chicago and has ties - or did - to Catholicism. Supposedly it's a mission based on Catholic principles, but according to the report, it's definitely got some cult behavior going on. One woman tearfully talked about her daughter, who literally overnight opted out of a college education and joined the mission, and hasn't been heard from since...because one of their tenets is that ALL members *must* cut ties with all outside worlders - *including* family members. That right there is a red flag.

There is a small newsclip on NBC5 Chicago's website; the report is also going to be expanded upon this coming Sunday evening at 10:00 pm. I hope I can catch it.

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It starts

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It looks like Kansas is the first to fall. Who will be next?


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Here's more on the Dover school board election: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/11/09/AR2005110900114.html

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The real Agenda

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I finally got fed up about hearing about the "Gay Agenda" so I wrote up a little satire about the real agenda. Nothing Pulitzer-worthy, but hopefully it'll get a few chuckles.

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Alliance Defense Fund 'advocacy group' follows usual tactics; cries 'repression' due to balking of Air Force Academy dominionists

(& no; that wasn't the headline - though should have been)

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"Justice Sunday III" planned


DefCon has an article up about "Justice Sunday III", a religious right- sponsored simulcast to hundreds of churches meant to stir the faithful to continue to breach the theocratic church/state wall.

Here's an excerpt from the site.

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Esquire lays the smackdown on creationism


It's a long article, but definitely worth your time.

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Panda's Thumb: Creation versus Intelligent Design


Tongue in cheek comparative chart for the curious.

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Bad PR

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If anyone got to catch Trading Spouses tonight, then you'll know how insane this obviously Dominionist woman was.

For those who didn't catch it, image a woman who's pushing 400 pounds on a light frame pushing and prodding a new agey family with constant admonisment about going to church and beliving in god. Then, when they try to talk about their beliefs, she ignores them, asks them to not talk about it, then finally starts screaming at them.

When she gets home, she completely melts down, starts screaming about witchcraft, tarot cards, gargoyles. She was so worried that this "dark sided" woman had tainted the family that she kept yelling at them, and finally ripped up the $50,000 check that the show rewards you with. Course, her family loved the "evil spirtual" mom.

In the end, in a nice little aside, she descided to accept the money.

It was a hell of a ride, and I really felt sorry for the woman. Anyone who can get that far in life being that ignorant and close-minded deserves pity.

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