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Hey there Christian Left! - Now, Getting down to business...


It's a sad fact that progressives get together and mope, while the Religious Right gets
together and gets their people in office. Time that changed.

The fact is that we tend to mope in little clumps. I've been whizzing around YahooGroups
for the afternoon, and I've seen something like two dozen separate email lists of
progressive Christians -- some of them 200 names long, some of them 20; all very active,
commenting on the media.

By the way, Dark_Christianity is by far the most active of the LiveJournal communities.

But think about all the scattered energy of our many groups -- twenty something discreet
groups, none of them speaking to each other? It's good to talk; it's good to vent; but it's
much better to organize and do something.

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The Common IQ in the Tidewater area just dropped a hundred points or more

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

Well Shrub is coming for a visit today here in Norfolk.

Common Knowledge stuff no-super-secret-squrriel stuff. 

Strangely he has chosen not to land at the Naval Base and instead is landing at the Norfolk airport and every SS agent is there to protect him, odds are he also meet and greet with the Lord of Evil while he's here and find a replacement for Meirs to be part of the Supreme Court. I wish I could listen in on what Shrub and Robertson are planning in that limo.

The future of America is being decided upon by a fool and a thief. America needs to be afraid, very very afraid.


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Missing link and cross pollination


Our visitor from Cross Left forgot to leave their URL, so I'll supply it here, and add it to the blogroll:

Cross Left

Check it out. They have a great blogroll, organized into what I call 'originators'- communities, political, religious, and individual. And guess what- we're on the list!

This is the cross pollination and interaction of 'clumps' of moderate and progressive Christians that I hoped would happen when I created this community. And it's happening! These little groups are finding each other, talking to each other, and growing.

Go read them, join them, post to them, tell your friends. Get engaged. Start talking, keep listening. Take action, even if it's a letter to your editor or pastor. An avalanche is made from lots and lots of tiny snowflakes. Every one of us can make that critical difference.

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NAS and NSTA to Kansas: Evolve This


The National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Teachers Association have denied the Kansas Board of Education permission to use their copyrighted materials as part of the state’s proposed new science standards because they will teach evolution and creationism. The NSTA’s page has links to their statement and a joint statement with the NAS.

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