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The Vatican is not a fan of 'the gays'


So, I happened across this little gem on the NY Times.  (full text behind the cut)

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This just really pisses me off. 

When are people going to realize that homosexuality is not pedophila... and that this kind of crap hurts Catholicism more than it helps?

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A small ray of light


From the New York Times:

Serving Gays Who Serve God

This spring, Brenda Oliver, depressed and desperate for spiritual sustenance, visited the church near her home in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She lasted until the minister started talking about the men of Sodom who demanded that Lot let them have sex with his houseguests.

He looked straight at Ms. Oliver, a sturdy, dreadlocked woman dressed in her customary long pants and black work boots.

"The preacher said that if a bunch of gays went to his house, he'd start shooting and killing them," recalled Ms. Oliver, who is a lesbian. She walked outside, leaned on the church gate and cried.Read more... )

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New article details dominionist agendas with Katrina relief

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/09/AR2005090901867.html?tr=y&auid=1108137 notes how, among other things, one of the things dominionist groups are using Katrina relief efforts as a way to ramrod federal funding for dominionist groups through:

Sensing an opening, Republican leaders have also begun to lobby the White House to resume the drive for vouchers that would allow government money to be used at private and parochial schools, a battle that Republicans waged and lost during the debate over the No Child Left Behind education law of 2001. "If we make the decision that federal money will follow the child, we should make it a voucher. That's a Republican principle," said Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).

Similarly, Republican leaders are seeking a change in a law that would allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to give money directly to religious groups that are helping Katrina's survivors, an extension of the administration's long-standing goal of enlarging the role of faith-based organizations in providing social services. "The important thing is to empower and encourage anyone who is willing and able to help to administer emergency help," said Kevin Madden, spokesman for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).

Yes, they're trying to change the laws to directly funnel *your tax dollars* to groups like Operation Blessing (known for trade in blood diamonds) and Convoy of Hope (a stealth-evangelism "charity" that is the de facto "charity" wing of the AoG, a denomination that is strongly linked with the present administration and actually has support of "deliverance ministry" dominionism in its official church policy) as well as dominionist-operated schools.

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More shenanigans...


[info]gairid pointed this group out to me:

This group has representatives is down in Louisiana right now, in front of the Student Union of LSU, Baton Rouge. They have their children with them, passing out pamphlets abut the killer storm visiting righteous vengeance upon the sinful city of New Orleans. A Fred Phelps clone organization?

On the website, this is listed as an 'outreach'. Yeah. Right.

Phelps clones? Sure looks that way...

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On one of the major groups being promoted...

One of the groups that is now being specifically mentioned (including in Bush's speech last night) is the Heritage Foundation. They pass themselves off as a "conservative think tank" but are linked with multiple dominionist/Avengelical groups, including a secretive group called the Council for National Policy:


For those who actually *want* to see their plans for NOLA, they have them posted at http://www.heritage.org/Research/GovernmentReform/sr05.cfm

Here's the summary, courtesy of a poster at [info]after_katrina:

1. Waiver on environmental rules
2. Eliminaton of capital gains tax
3. Private ownership of public schools
4. The heirs of any victim worth more than $1.5 million should be exempt from the estate tax.

(This is part of a dominionist platform, as an aside; the "waiver on environmental rules" is supported by dominionist because they either see environmental destruction as something that will make Jesus come back faster, or (in the case of those dominionists into "spiritual warfare/deliverance ministry" type stuff) they actually see environmentalism as a form of devil worship. Dominionists also support destruction of public school systems in the hope that children will be forced to turn to sectarian means to be educated (including dominionist-run homeschooling and dominionist-run private schools; it is ALREADY difficult to find support for homeschooling that is not controlled by dominionists)).

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"Documenting Avengelical Hate of NOLA": An Update

As the original post has passed a few pages down, I am linking here and also editing the original post to add the following:

Media Matters picks up the story, and a few more scumbags of interest )

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