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NOLA cleaned up "by God"


"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."

~ Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA) of Baton Rouge

Google the comment for reactions.

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TX Gov. Perry mum on pastor's musings about Katrina purifying


Gov. Rick Perry spoke at two private events this week where a Texas minister wondered if God sent Hurricane Katrina to purify the nation of sins, including homosexuality.

Gov. "Blow-Dry" Perry's got some 'splainin' to do. Consent through silence, IMHO.

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Documenting Avengelical's hate of NOLA...

I'm posting a link of all known Avengelical/dominionist groups who are specifically:

a) either blaming/targeting NOLA victims or
b) more specifically have made statements to the effect that Hurricane Katrina is "God's wrath" or otherwise some form of divine retribution or "cleansing" of the NOLA area.

I am wishing to document this because, among other things, much press is given to Islam's version of Avengelicals and Iraqi insurgents claiming Katrina is God's Wrath, but very little on our *own* Avengelicals in the US claiming the same thing. I think it'd be enlightening if people could see waht they are stating publically or what has come out (in regards to what is being said in their own flocks).

Needless to say, what is being said to their own flocks and what isn't making the press is probably worse.

Anyways, the list:

Scumbags all, playing the ultimate game of 'blame the victim' )
Indirect condemnation by dominionists )

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A book of possible interest...

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]scarcrest)

Contempt: How the Right Is Wronging American Justice by Catherine Crier. She's written a piece today at the Huffington Post explaining her reasons for writing the book, and how it's becoming ever more important that we confront the radical right's attempts to toss out American legal tradition in exchange for biblical law.

Figured the people here would be interested in hearing about the book. It's good to see someone in a national media role recognizing this threat for what it is and identifying it as such.

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Latest news on dominionist misbehaviour

notes how the dominionist/Avengelical chaplains at the US Air Force Academy are blatantly disregarding both court orders and orders from the US Military to stop blatant prosyletisation and harassment of non-Avengelicals.

Speaking of Colorado Springs:
http://journals.aol.com/richardbk8/TheSentryNewsDigest/entries/1020 reports on how dominionist pressure is attempting to shut down a Samhain gathering at an American Legion post (which allows anyone, including other religious groups, to attend)--thus showing the dominionist rot is pretty much endemic in that town. :P

A group associated with a pastor in Columbus Ohio (and his dominionist/Avengelical group, the "Ohio Restoration Project") is apparently soliciting members in Texas: http://blog.au.org/2005/09/austin_altar_ca.html

The major Republican gubernatorial candidate in Ohio is apparently linked with aforementioned dominionist: http://www.citybeat.com/current/news3.shtml (Among other things, it gives some backgrounder on the group Rod Parsley runs--he runs a church called World Harvest Center ("World Harvest Center" is a very common name for dominionist churches, to the point that "World Harvest Center" or "World Prayer Center" can be reliably counted on as a dominionist codephrase for "dominionist church"); it also includes mapping between dominionist groups associated with aforementioned candidate)

The Republican candidate for Cincinnatti's mayor is apparently a dominionist:
http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050810/NEWS01/508100369 (from the Cincinnatti Enquirer)

(Based on notes from the latter article, I'm thinking the mayorial candidate may be towards the Avengelical end of the dominionist spectrum. "Christian Center" or "Christian Life Center" is a common dominionist codephrase for dominionist-friendly churches; he is also likely supported by the "Ohio Restoration Project" which is dominionist/Avengelical.)

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My first post...


Hey, everyone!

I was perusing through the archives of this community, and I've seen very little in the ways of John Roberts (not that the other topics covered, such as the Dominionist takeover of the military as well as the Dominionists praising such an awful disaster as Hurricane Katrina as God's retribution against the various sins of America and its citizens, are any less important than the issues concerning John Roberts). I have a small cache of John Roberts articles that may apply to this community, especially with the John Roberts hearings going on right now and the potential for this person, who is comfortably among the Dominionist ilk, to become the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:

Roberts Resisted Women's Rights

Top Court Nominee's Memos Questioned Right to Privacy

The Record of John G. Roberts, Jr.: A Preliminary Report

(PDF File) Final Pre-hearing Report in Opposition to the Confirmation of John Roberts to the United States Supreme Court

Documents Show Roberts' Influence in Reagan Era

However, the most disturbing thing in all of this is that, up until now, except for these few pockets of resistance, much of the media either is acquiescing (or outright heaping praises) to John Roberts' confirmation or just not caring at all, which is utterly sickening. I mean, though there were and still are Justices among the Dominionist camp (deceased Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justice Clarence Thomas come to mind), from the portrait painted by these articles, John Roberts, who is 50 now, was verily a Dominionist zealot since his 20s at the very latest. Plus, since the average life span is in the 70s, his confirmation as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would mean that he may very well have heavy influence in the Supreme Court for 20+ years, which is something everyone should be really wary of.

I hope that this post has been informational to you, as all of the posts to this community have been to me.

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Bill Moyers on the dangers of the Dominionists

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]metaphorge)

"The notion of spiritual freedom is at risk, and the fourth observance of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 is an appropriate time to think about it."

I love Bill Moyers, and he makes many excellent points in this article. (located via [info]alobar)

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And the subscriber numbers just keep climbing...


I just checked the User Info for this board, and we have 409 registered subscribers! Wow- that's pretty amazing for a board as esoteric as this one. Goes to prove that this subject is gaining interest all over the place.

I want to welcome all the newcomers, and invite you to read the older posts, visit the sites on the blogroll, and read our front page. And if you find something that is relevant to the topic, please post it!

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