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Letters from an abortion doctor


This Talk To Action post talks about the courage of a Denver abortion doctor in standing up to "Operation Rescue".

Every summer Operation Save America takes a massive, weeklong protest to some fortunate city in America where their director, Flip Benham, leads them in “storming the gates of hell.” A couple of weeks ago, OSA swarmed Colorado in Operation Save Denver. But when Benham’s “saints” and “gentle Christian warriors” pack up to go marauding, they carry along so much hellfire and brimstone that they had plenty left over for Boulder, where they focused the wrath of their angry God upon Dr. Warren Hern.

Dr. Hern is a provider of exemplary abortion care. He is also a renowned anthropologist, as well as an internationally recognized authority in his highly specialized field of medicine. Together with Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, Dr. Hern has been at the top of the antiabortion mob's hit list for over 20 years.

And this time was no exception.

OSA besieged various Colorado targets for a week--abortion-providing clinics, gay and lesbian groups, mosques, and even a school of theology—but they singled out Dr. Hern for some viciously personal attention by papering his North Boulder neighborhood with what looked very much like “wanted” posters.

Scary stuff. But if the “Reverend” Flip and his “gentle Christians” thought that Warren Hern would bolt for the basement and lay low until they left town, they mistook their man.

The indomitable Dr. Hern came out swinging, immediately purchasing a newspaper ad that gave the OSA flyer far greater exposure than Flip Benham could have dreamed of, along with some well chosen words of his own.

Read what the doctor said at the site.

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Pledging Phelps


Planned Parenthood has run a successful Pledge-a-Minute campaign, asking their supporters to pledge a certain amount of money for every minute someone pickets one of their offices. That is now being turned on Fred Phelps, who is picketing funerals of soldiers he thinks are gay. His latest victim is Sgt. Christopher Taylor; the money will go to his widow.

The contact info. )

Considering what a bully Phelps is, it would really spoke his wheels to know that he was earning money for the people he's trying to hurt.

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Gay Rights Scorecard


If you are interested in how the various denominations view gay rights, check out this scorecard that lists the various positions of the various denominations.

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