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dogemperor [userpic]
new blog


There's a new blog that covers some of the same turf as this group, called Infidels of Every Denomination - it focuses on "media watches and commentary on separation of church and state issues, religious freedom, and minority/alternative religion rights."

Disclaimer: no I'm not one of the writers for it, just a fan.

dogemperor [userpic]
Nationalism is splitting churches


This Associated Baptist Press article talks about the growing divide in US Christian congregations: Nationalism.

'Nationalism' new culture split for churches, says prof

Date: 07/26/2005

By Ken Camp

WACO, Texas (ABP) -- Culture wars threaten to divide churches in ways that make worship wars pale in comparison. But at the same time, they unite some Christians across denominational lines, a Baylor University professor observed.

Rather than dividing over worship style preferences, Terry York sees Christians in the United States splitting into two camps -- “those who want to try to re-establish Christendom and those who refuse to wrap the cross in the flag.”Read more... )

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