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Here's what kids in dominionist "homeschool"/private school households are often learning...

(EDIT: Edited for formatting, also edited to emphasize that both dominionist homeschool programs and private schools operated by dominionist denominations (particularly AoG and "independent pentecostal" or "independent Baptist", increasingly in Southern Baptist schools as well) are using this material in their basic school curriculum. I apologise if I didn't make this clear.)

Especially in the past ten to twenty years, there's been a major push in the dominionist community towards homeschooling kids (to specifically insulate them from "worldly" or "satanic" influences--read: exposure to any info outside the coercive religious group). There's been a very similar push in dominionist circles to get them into private schools operated by dominionist groups for even longer, closer to fifty years.

Group focus 1: A Beka Curriculum )

The scary thing is, A Beka is actually liberal as far as homeschool curricula targeted at dominionists go. http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/materials/Christian.htm has a list including:

http://www.learningthings.com/go.asp?agent=atozhomescool (toys specifically aimed at dominionist/"deliverance ministry" households)
http://www.homeschools.org/ (a resource specifically aimed at "Christian Reconstructionist" households--no, I am not making this up. They are marketing specifically to the Rushdoony crowd)
http://www.schooloftomorrow.com/ (ACE, Accelerated Christian Education--also had some of their material quoted in the above articles referenced in A Beka's section; content is explicitly dominionist, heck, downright Christian Reconstructionist)
http://www.homeschoolfcgs.com/product_info.php/products_id/3051 (a homeschool supply store that sells "America's Providential History", a blatantly dominionist/Christian Reconstructionist textbook pushing the "Christian Nation" canard)
http://www.providencefoundation.com/ (Providence Foundation, the publishers of "America's Providential History" and many other Christian Reconstructionist textbooks; it's links page (http://www.providencefoundation.com/links.php) includes (among other Naughty Spawn) hate group American Vision and Family Research Council (whose head, Tony Perkins, has been linked to "white citizen's council" and Klan groups))

(More backgrounder regarding dominionist groups and homeschooling specifically is at http://www.politicalamazon.com/fcf-homeschooling.html (and Yurica Report and Theocracy Watch, among other places); more backgrounder regarding one dominionist text, "America's Providential History", here: http://www.beliefnet.com/story/161/story_16152_1.html)

Also, another point: Many, if not most, of the dominionist homeschool programs are actually operated as correspondence schools by dominionist churches as extensions of existing dominionist private school systems. In other words, the problem isn't restricted to homeschool groups at all (and has been festering for quite some time--A Beka has been in use for at least thirty years in AoG private schools, for instance, and Bob Jones University's material even longer).

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A Voice from the Christian Left


Common Dreams has a great essay which reminds us how far from Jesus' teachings the 'righteous' Right has strayed:

A Voice from the Christian Left
By Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

Among those who are mournful and angry about the outcome of this election, doubtful about the integrity of the process, and opposed to the neoconservative agenda are Christians who believe the name of Christ is being pressed into service to market a political agenda impossible to align with the ethics, mission, or character of Jesus. Here are some of the identifying features of that agenda: -- suppression of authentic diversity and debate in the name of “unity” -- fearmongering and secret surveillance in the name of “safety” -- wanton military aggression in the name of “liberation” -- triumphalist rewriting of recent history to justify unprecedented economic imperialism -- use of religious language to persuade a poorly informed public to accept political control by the few -- literalistic and selective use of biblical texts to legitimate that control -- sale of government to big business to consolidate that control -- sloganeering, anti-intellectualism, and oversimplification to forestall reflection, analysis, and debate -- expropriation of public media to insure the success of all the above.Read more... )

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A revealing look onthe public/private face of dominionist churches

As reported by several blogs, including http://nonprophet.typepad.com/nonprophet/2005/05/ted_haggard_don.html, there apparently was a *very* interesting memo sent from the head pastor of New Life Church (a dominionist church in Colorado Springs, Colorado directly associated with the USAF religious coercion scandal and also at the heart of much of the dominionist initiatives out of that town).

I've taken the liberty of including the entire text below:

Text of the letter to New Life Church's congregation )

The most interesting bit on the letter, at least to me, is how they actively are encouraging people to hide the fact the church is into deliverance ministry/"Kingdom Now" theology (the bits about not telling the media about "seeing demons" et al) and hiding the fact it's into the whole pentecostal movement/"latter rain"/"third wave" type stuff *period* (the bits about warning about "dancing in the spirit" et al)

This is a rare example from the "inside" on how dominionist groups actively promote a public/private face; this is, however, at the same time not isolated (it is known that Family First, Australia's dominionist political party (and de facto political wing of the Australian AoG), has published similar advisories to its workers (shown when one slipped up if asked if lesbians should be burned at the stake); it is also known that many dominionist denominations have different guidelines for members "in the in crowd" as part of "stealth evangelism" or simply hiding its true theology from the general public).

More backgrounder on this particular dominionist group is at http://www.harpers.org/SoldiersOfChrist.html (and other sites); http://nonprophet.typepad.com/nonprophet/2005/05/the_power_of_ar.html has some interesting info re an interview with the one of the persons in charge at the dominionist group (including the fact that the church may be promoting the use of "correction rods"--rods used to beat children in accordance with the beliefs of some dominionists and as mentioned in Dobson's books and the Babywise series of books by Ezra)
http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/2005/05/gay_sex_demons.html has some interesting info re the particular flavour of "deliverance ministry" practiced at New Life Church (which is not dissimilar to what I have seen/experienced in the dominionist group I walked away from)

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Update on Zach

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]britzkrieg)

The father of Zach, the gay Memphis teen forced into a Love In Action "rehabilitation" program, speaks out.

CBN's Coverage

365gay's Story

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New Yorker article on links between dominionist university and Karl Rove


*VERY* interesting article regarding the links between the Bush administration (and in particular Karl Rove) and Patrick Henry College (a dominionist college targeting "Christian homeschooled" youth for training as dominionist politicians).

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Conviction in Death of "Sissy" Toddler

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In Florida, a man has been convicted of second-degree murder in the beating death of his young son. The father either thought the boy was gay or was afraid he would grow up gay if he wasn't "toughened up." His parents "studied Bible verses with friends from Deeper Life Ministries" as the boy lay dying.

It looks like the criminal courts remain unimpressed by defenses like the father's. That should give us all some hope. The mother is also facing serious criminal charges.

TBO.com's Story

An Earlier Article from the St. Petersburg Times

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