Dark Christianity
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A Letter To My Pastor

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Read more ) Comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome. Should I include links to websites like Theocracy Watch? I had thought about doing so but wasn't sure. (they do have internet access; the church has an email address)

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95 Theses on the Religious Right


The blog Lieter Reports has a downloadable (.doc file) of 95 theses of the Religious Right written by philosopher Peter Ludlow. An excerpt:

Here's something you may not have known or suspected. When I grew up my family went to a conservative Christian church and I subsequently went to a Swedish Baptist college in Minnesota. I recently went back to my home town and was sickened by what became of the family church over the last 20 years. The received view is that the conservative christians have taken over the Republican Party. I think the reverse happened. The right wing of the Republican Party has taken over the church. Nothing could be more clear to me. In a fit of revulsion, and with a nod to Marty Luther, I wrote up the following 95 theses on the relighous right: Download ludlows_95_theses_on_the_religious_right.doc In lieu of nailing it to the door of the Wittenburg Church I'm sending it to you instead. Not exactly the same thing, I realize. I'm not saying I'm a believer and I'm not saying I'm not, but I am saying that what has happened to the fundamentalist church is revolting.

Professor Ludlow invites readers to redistribute it as widely as they'd like.
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Prosletyzing Cop

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The Oklahoma Republican Party Platform


Want a sneak preview of what life would be like should Dominionist-ridden Republicans totally take over? Look no further than the Oklahoma GOP. Here's what Left2Right has to say about this platform:

The Oklahoma party calls for state and federal legislation to prohibit same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships, and also a constitutional amendment to limit marriage to one man and one woman. I'm not sure if this is to leave states the room to adopt civil unions, or just carelessness — the party thanks "the members of the Platform Committee who gave two long Saturdays to produce this document" — but I'd prefer to think it's the former. (And yes, it could be carelessness: in short order the platform supports and opposes the same Taxpayer Bill of Rights for the state.)Read more... )

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What the conservative Christians are thinking

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How to be a Pro-choice Christian

“The Christian Left” are three words that go together as well as “Hillary and evangelical.” If you have ever scratched your pro-life head and pondered, "How can millions of professing Christians be pro-choice?” I would like to answer that question in an effort to keep you from exploding the next time you site a “Jesus was a Liberal” bumber sticker.
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