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Religion by email: The Air Force controversy continues

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found in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Drawing the line between churches and politics

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A member of my church gave to me a copy of the Ohio Restoration Project. This project is led by so-called Christians who have a plan for Ohio. The project will target 2,000 pastors throughout the state to become "patriot pastors." These patriot pastors will be briefed on a specific political agenda and asked to submit names of their parishioners in order to increase a database to 300,000 names. These pastors will be asked to place voter guides in their church pews.

Ken Blackwell, Ohio's secretary of state and a governor hopeful, is named throughout the document. Blackwell will be featured on 30-second radio ads promoting this group's agenda and supporting the "Ohio for Jesus" rally set for the spring of 2006. At the end of the document are the words, "America has a mission to share a living savior with a dying world."

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I think that hearing this from a Christian pastor says a lot about how far things have gone, don't you?

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The Ties That Bind: Willful Ignorance and Religious Intolerance

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For those of you in this good community who helped with suggestions for sources and references in this article (see title in Subject field), here is the first of the end results. There's more coming, but I want to alternate them with other pieces so that I can do the research that is needful to make them what I want them to be.

This first one falls a bit short of my personal expectations. If you stop by to read, please do leave me a comment to let me know what you think, and where you think I might go for future installments.

Thanks again for all your help and support. You may be interested to know that for all of James Dobson's hatred of gays and "pagans" he has never uttered one intolerant word about Muslims or the Koran directly. At least, not that I've been able to locate thus far.

The Ties that Bind: Willful Ignorance and Religious Intolerance

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Truthout: America's Christian Right: Saints or Subversives?


TruthOut has an excellent, in-depth five part series on the Religious Right. It's excellent background on the movement.

Alternet has a George Lakoff article about the language of the different political parties, how it involves or excludes women, and how we can reclaim certain ideas.

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LA Conference on theocracy


Talk2Action has a link to a conference Sunday in Westwood about the Religious Right. This sounds like a similar conference to the one I attended earlier this month:

The Religious Right's Assault on the Judiciary--And What We Can Do About It!
2:30 - 5:30 pm - Free Admission

Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd
310 474-4511

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