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Battling theocracy- words of advice from Daily Kos


I really like a lot of the writers on The Daily Kos- which is a collection of blogs/diaries from -yes, I'll admit it- progressive Democrats (with some progressive Republicans mixed in). Today's selection is a bit of very sage advice which we here should do our best to take to heart. It's about name-calling- specifically our labels for the Religious Right. Here's what "Troutfishing" says we're doing by using perjoratives:

It's a campaign of skillful persuasion:

A campaign to persuade some of those 100 million Americans who call themselves evangelical Christians or born-again Christians they should side with a left-progressive agenda rather than with the theocratic right.

Slinging rhetoric - in this very public forum - which informs those 100 million Americans that they are extremist, ignorant, or flat out dumb is akin to going to the OK Corral with a Colt .45 while Wyatt Earp waits in a pillbox with a machine gun and an RPG.

Folks on Daily Kos who attack the theocratic right with language that accidentally brands a large group of Americans who do NOT support theocracy are like trial lawyers with Tourette's, blurting out obscenities during their closing statements in murder trial.

"extremists", "wing nuts","dumb bastards"?Read more... )

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Homer S. ponders being "Left Below"


I've got to draw attention to Sunday night's episode of The Simpsons. It's a very funny spoof of the "Left Behind" balderdash. For a synopsis of this episode, click http://tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/GuidePageServlet/showid-146/epid-384298/

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Some questions and a poll


It seems that there is a lot of news about the Dominionists out there, and I expect that there will be more as things continue to heat up in Congress and elsewhere. I've been chasing down as much of it as I can, plus cruising about a dozen blogs to keep posted on various things.

Up until now, I've been posting articles as I find them, but perhaps I should adapt [info]twistedchick's aggregator style and put the newsworthy and blogworthy stuff into a single or twice-daily digest with links on them.

I figured that I should toss this out to the rest of you, and see what you think. This does not mean that if you find a post-worthy article that you can't post it individually- please continue doing so.

So, here's your poll question:

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