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The Fall of Atheism

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The Fall of Atheism
by Harun Yahya. (A Turning Point in History)


"We are living at an important time. Atheism, which people have tried for hundreds of years to portray as “the way of reason and science,” is proving to be mere irrationality and ignorance. Materialist philosophy that sought to use science for its own ends has been in turn defeated by science. A world rescuing itself from atheism will turn to God and religion. And this process has begun long ago."

Article is actually quite good - a brief survey of history and philosophy of atheism.

Comments, anyone?

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Baptist Church kicks out Democratic members


This sounds like some sort of hoax, but it's for real.

Yesterday, on the National Day of Prayer, we learned that the East Waynesville Baptist Church in North Carolina essentially kicked out its Democratic members. Nine members were "excommunicated" and 40 other members of the 405 member church resigned in protest.

Lots of interesting action items, dialogue, and the original post with lots(!) of interesting comments, too.

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For those of you who are interested in following the minutae of the ID versus evolution argument, I've found Evolutionblog. We can still discuss it here, but this blog looks like a treasure trove of goodies for the deeply interested. Happy reading!

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Controversial business


This Guardian article explains how big businesses who support anti-discrimination laws are under pressure from the Religious Right:

David Teather explains how US companies supporting anti-discriminatory legislation are under pressure from the religious right

David Teather
Wednesday May 4, 2005

Guardian Unlimited
Last week, Microsoft unwittingly found itself caught in the crosshairs of America's culture wars.

The software company is widely regarded as a progressive employer, and has offered benefits to the partners of its gay and lesbian workers since 1993. Earlier this year, it toughened up its anti-discrimination policy still further to cover "gender identity or expression", including transsexuals and transvestites.

It took Wal-Mart, the biggest employer in the US, until 2003 to even include a clause covering gays and lesbians in its anti-discrimination rules, although this was a welcome enough move from what is an otherwise deeply conservative company.

But in a widely reported decision, Microsoft recently withdrew its support for a bill that would have made it illegal to discriminate against gays and lesbians in its home state of Washington.

The company had supported a similar bill a year earlier, and its decision to take a "neutral" position caused uproar and drew accusations that it had bowed to the demands of religious conservatives.Read more... )

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Max Blumenthal: The Real Struggle


Here's another writer who can see through the smoke-screen, and Max Blumenthal tells it like it is. Lots of great links.

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Princeton Students Filibustering Frist

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I think this in on-topic, considering the importance of the judiciary in defending religious liberty.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, [Princeton] Class of '74, is preparing to change Senate rules to prevent a Democratic filibuster of judicial nominees. This "Nuclear Option" would end the institutional role of the Senate as a deliberative body that respects minority views, and judicial nominations could be approved without even the minimal degree of mainstream acceptability that had previously been necessary...

To protest this destructive move, members of the Princeton University community have come together to hold a non-stop "filibuster" outside the Frist Campus Center (a building sponsored by Senator Frist's family).

The Web Site

This is cool on so many levels. Plus, there's a webcam!

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Blog explosion!


It seems like I am finding interesting blogs all over the place lately. Here's one by Mike Tidmus that I think you might like.

If anyone else finds a great blog, please post them. I am hoping to be able to extend the blogroll on the sidebar soon.

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Chip Berlet: Stop labeling and start organizing!


Chip Berlet has some great words of advice for those of us engaged with the Religious Right.

More than a decade ago I sat in a conference room in Washington D.C. and was told I had to start using the phrase “religious political extremist.” This was the new way for people on the political left to frame our opponents on the political right. It made me unhappy. I already had problems with language such as “radical religious right,” “lunatic fringe,” and “wing-nut.” This new phrase just seemed wrong to me.

I'm uncomfortable when I hear people of sincere religious faith described as religious political extremists. What does that term mean? I worry that many people hear it as a term of derision that says we're good and they're bad. There is no topical content. It’s a label that says folks are outside the mainstream; and it lumps together leaders and followers, and blurs distinctions within the Christian Right that I think are important. Most conservative Christian evangelicals do not want to impose a theocracy on our country. I’d like to be able to talk to them about the issue of Christian dominionism within the Christian Right.Read more... )

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