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dogemperor [userpic]
Another examination of Dominionist takeover


This article talks about a lot of what we discuss on this board concerning the very real 'vast right wing conspiracy' and its takeover of the US government:


By Peter Fredson

Recently I had occasion to review thousands of files stored from the 1990’s. The reason to look backwards was to understand the immense progress that Conservatives, both religious and political, have made in taking control of the Republican Party specifically and the United States in general

One quickly found answer was their growing familiarity with computer abilities to construct data bases, send out endless messages, seize control of media and WWW sites, and make linkages for instant communication. The hundreds of Conservative sites (perhaps thousands) is a testament to creating organization using technology. A for-instance is the recent incident when Janet Jackson showed a bit of nipple. An outraged parson had his followers send 300,000 messages nearly overnight to Michael Powell asking for relief from this horrible deed. We have many other instances when issues like gays and abortion and reelection of a president, brought instant messaging from millions of True Believers hooked up to data bases. Previous tactics of conservatives to use stealth, deceit and misinformation have now given way to raw imposition and brute display of power.

Looking at the Reagan years, we see the growing linkage of politics to religion when Ronnie made a concordat with the Vatican, and Nancy had a Court Astrologer forecast the direction this country should take. We had an influx of preachers into halls of government, when some became installed in Congress. It soon became politically correct to defer to religious pronouncements and to avoid “alienating” sensibilities of True Believers. At this time several religious organizations began their announced strategy of destroying the Separation of Church and State which made the U.S. a true democracy.

Skipping to the Clinton Administration, we see an affable intelligent well-meaning person who was also indoctrinated into Christian dogma of Arkansas flavor and made references to Biblical passages. He allowed further intrusion of Christian pretensions into the halls of government. The Christian strategists were like the fabled Camel that thrust its nose into an Arab tent and gradually forced the owner out into the night air.

But the great thrust of the merging of Christianity with government took place because Bill Clinton got sucked into sexual situations. This infuriated the sexually repressed old Republican fogies, who exerted every effort to throw the horny rascal out of office. (Partly in revenge for what happened to Tricky Dick and losing their majority in Congress.) Their horrified fascination with fallatio created panic and consternation, probably staged. Religious Conservatives began scaring the populace with stories about Satanic connection, the Road to Hell, and tales of an imaginary deity who might again unleash destruction of the earth because of his anger toward sodomites, secular humanists, and atheists. (During the 9/11 period Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell pontificated that destruction occurred because God was angry at perverts.)

Read the rest at the site.

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