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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]anarchys_savior)

I'd post a link to the article, but I just saw it on TV. I just wanted to show how incredibly strange and disturbing some people can be.

In Georgia(where I live), White County more specifically, there is a group of teens trying to get a GSA in their school. I saw it on the news today on TV. What was really shocking was that there was a protest group that drove all the way from Kansas(I think) to protest. That's pretty far(White County's in the middle of Georgia) to protest a GSA in school. The saddest part came when they showed the protestors. A woman was holding a sign that said "Thank God for 9/11!" That's messed up. Then the woman was like, "Those kids in school aren't learning about their Lord and Savior. They think that God loves everyone and that no matter what you do, you can go to Heaven." Not a word-for-word quote(except the bolded part; I clearly remember that), but you get the (hate-filled, ignorant) message. Isn't that sad?

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