Dark Christianity
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Carter's Crusade


The American Prospect online magazine has a couple of articles of interest.

Carter's Crusade talks about how former President Jimmy Carter explains that the Christian Right really isn't "Christian" at all.

Here's a fascinating excerpt:Read more... )

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Moderate Evangelicals could sway election


Not every Evangelical Christian is supportive of the actions of the "Hard Right". An in-depth article in "American Prospect" talks about these moderate Evangelicals and how they might vote this year.

Some excerpts:

In early February, 60 minutes' Morley Safer portrayed white evangelical Christians as the carnies of American Protestantism. Nine million viewers tuned in and saw shots of vast "megachurch" congregations swaying hypnotically and raising their hands in song. Tacky cinematic renderings of a fiery Armageddon added some dramatic tension. The slick ringmaster of these goings-on, of course, was the Reverend Tim LaHaye, the famous apocalyptic entrepreneur and co-author of the wildly popular Left Behind novels. (The series depicts the end of the world as prophesized in the Book of Revelation.)

Safer eventually turned his attention to Washington, where he declared that "evangelical ... beliefs have already reshaped American politics." As the visages of George W. Bush, Tom DeLay, and John Ashcroft flitted across the screen, the message was clear: The Republican Party has God on its side.

Except that this year, a considerable group of evangelicals just might swing the vote -- in favor of the Democrats. Read more... )

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An interesting thought...


A reviewer on Amazon wrote :

"According to II Chronicles, God doesn't demand that a whole nation turn to Him in order to receive His blessing - He only commands His people (as many or as few as that may be) to remain faithful, and the whole land will be blessed. And God's Word is replete with stories of His mighty works through a faithful few, in spite of overwhelming odds, and in spite of the disdain of the 'majority.'"

Sounds like the Christian version of 'Light Anchors' to me...


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