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dogemperor [userpic]
A word from Your Moderator


The front door of Dark Christianity says:

Dark Christianity is a place for the exploration and discussion of more radical, toxic, and fringe elements of the Christian faith. It is not a flame or bash board. All religions have their 'dark' side, their extremists and 'talibans'. This site is a place to examine these elements of the Christian faith, and learn about what happens to a group when their dogma and authority gets out of hand.

This means that all the usual cutsey-poo stuff like Quizilla quizzes and other memes do not belong on this journal. It is meant for serious examination and discussion of the extremist side of Christianity, not one's personal faith, etc. There are plenty of other Christian communities which will welcome things like that.

On the other side, I will also remind everyone that this is not a flame or bash board- it is simply meant to be a forum of discussion for the topics stated above.

I will modify the front door of this journal to reflect this, and ask that those who post here adhere to the guidelines. Any folks who can't or won't will have their posts deleted.

Dark Christianity Moderator

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