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First Christian Fellowship for Eternal Sovereignty


A Michigan woman charged with child endangerment for breastfeeding her daughter while driving on the Ohio Turnpike claims she wasn't doing anything wrong. But even if she was, she says, only her husband can punish her. Catherine Nicole Donkers is a member of the First Christian Fellowship for Eternal Sovereignty, founded in the 1990s, and her husband, Brad Lee Barnhill, is a minister in the church. According to Barnhill, the sect, which recognizes Jesus as the only legitimate authority, believes that only a husband can correct a man's wife for a public act. Donkers reportedly has no social security number, no driver's license or a marriage license. As for the civil authorities, Barnhill proposes that they prosecute him in his wife's stead. Donkers, who went on trial yesterday, maintains she has been improperly charged.

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Public Gay School faces lawsuit


The Harvey Milk High is a school recently opened in New York City. It is the first Public School for GLBT kids.

As of yesterday, it came under lawsuit. Now I'd like to quote an article:
And despite being represented by a conservative group of pro-life, pro-family lawyers, plaintiffs say they're not against the high school on any moral grounds.

Among the most virulent supporters of the lawsuit is Rev. Ruben Diaz, NY State Senator.


So what do you think? Is this a fundamentalist assault on what they percieve as wrong, or just a group wanting equal opportunities for all students?

(Thanks DustScout from Dune2k Forums for mentioning the lawsuit.)

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