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dogemperor [userpic]
movie, "The Magdalene Sisters"


"The Magdalene Sisters"

It is the story of a church whose theology of Eve could justify the destruction of women to ‘save’ their souls. Labeled temptresses because men could not control their own sexual urges, Irish women were sent away to the laundries--many of them for life--for being pregnant out of wedlock, for being independent, for being flirtatious. It’s the story of what happens to women when they are made invisible in a world that wreaks on its women a morality and theology written only by men.

dogemperor [userpic]
Fear of the Occult?


I think I've noticed a trend of late among members of the Christian faith as of late. Aside from people like Pat Robertson that call any other faith demonic, you don't hear much acknowledgement of demons existing.

In fact I went around and asked a dozen people at two Churches recently if they believed demons existed, and that magic was real. I got only one answer saying yes to both.

Now demons and magic are both mentioned as real in the Bible. So by denying their existence, those people are calling the Bible wrong. (Oh the wonderful horrified looks when I told them that.)

So my question is, what is it that makes us fear demons and magic? We are supposed to acknowledge their existence, but a good portion of everyday Christians doubt they exist. Is it fear of something they can't quite comprehend? Fear that they might be under demonic influence themselves? Fear that magic works?

Are we letting our fears and prejudice blind us from things we should see as real? I think so. Those people I spoke with earlier, they were denying "God's Word" as they call it. Needless to say, denying God is a bad thing in Christianity.

So, I guess that's my post on fear of...of what? The demonic? The reality of magic? The Unknown?

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