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I've been thinking a lot about this, and am hoping that, together, we can flesh this out a bit: Something happened, or perhaps some things happened, in American society circa 1925 (+/- 10 years) which caused the institution of radical Christianity in this country. Here's a partial list of the social phenomena which I think might be contributing factors:

  • The Scopes trial, aka the Tennessee Monkey trial, which began exactly 78 years ago this week (ironic, as I didn't realize that until I started writing this entry).
  • Commercial radio, and the dawn of broadcasting and the "mass media".
  • The rise of what would become known as Christian "televangelism": The Moody Bible Institute aired its first program in 1925, and WMBI, the Institute's first radio station, went on the air the year following.
  • The Great Depression.
  • The death of the Appalachian native subculture: Radio introduced Appalachia to the mainstream American culture. At the same time, America was introduced to the Appalachian subculture vis a vis broadcasts from Nashville's WSM and "Jamboree" from Wheeling, WV's WWVA. This began the gradual homogenization of the Appalachias with the rest of the nation. Public works programs instituted under the New Deal hastened this process.
  • The advent of internationalism, with Wilson's foreign policy and the League of Nations.
  • The demonization of nation states, as the Fascists take over Italy in 1924 and Hitler gains control over the Nazi party in Germany in 1925.
  • The decline of the British Empire, with the perceived loss to western civilization that entails.
  • The Mafia, and the corresponding rise of anti-Catholic sentiment as demonstrated by organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan.


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Religious Troublemakers in Charlotte, NC


Operation Save America Targets Mosques, Gays, Abortion Clinics

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police in Charlotte are preparing for eight days of protests by a group that some say are religious extremists.

Police have warned Islamic centers, abortion clinics and the gay community to be on alert for the Concord-based Operation Save America. Its primary tenets are that abortion is murder, homosexuality is a sin and that Islam is a lie. The group said they view themselves as a Christian crusade.

Here is the Operation Rescue/Operation Save America website:


And here are some of their pamphlets. Warning: toxic content!



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Yet another seriously silly Christian website


OBJECTIVE Christian Ministries

These folks make Landover Baptist look like a Pagan Picnic (and they want shut LB down!). Not only that, but their previous web host wasn't Christian enough for them:

June 4, 2003 -- We have moved again. While closely rereading the Statement of Faith of our previous webhost, Cross Spot, we made the sad discovery that they are not firm enough in their opposition to the erroneous doctrine of triclavianism. As such, we feel that it is best that we part our ways, but we will keep them in our prayers. We are currently investigating different web hosting options. Until we finalize our plans, we will be temporarily keeping the OBJECTIVE: Ministries site here, at the address http://objective.jesussave.us/. If you link to us here, please watch for updates in case we move. You can find important updates at our store. If you would like to help us host our site, please email us. Thank you and God bless.

And what on earth is so important about 'triclavianism'? (goes a-Googling...)

triclavianism n 1838 -1838
belief that only three nails were used at Christ's crucifixion.

If it isn't in the Bible, it literally is untrue.


Editor's note...

Well, folks, my horn has been well and truly honked, I am afraid. This is also a parody site- a 'rival' of Landover Baptist, if you can believe it. Goes to show you that the wool can truly be pulled over our eyes- and the Creator definitely has a sense of humor.

Sorry about that!

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