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Christian Conservatives and the Islamic Jihad

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]swisscelt)

I posted this originally as a comment to an entry on [info]challenging_god. In "The Philosopher of Islamic Terror -- by Paul Berman", [info]t_h_mitchell wrote:

"The following [very long] article is about Islam
and the terrorism we face today.

"It's hard to call the Islamic terrorists "crazy" or "uneducated" after reading this.


"I particularly liked the ending. Hope this doesn't spoil it for you:

But who will speak of the sacred and the secular, of the physical world and the spiritual world? Who will defend liberal ideas against the enemies of liberal ideas? Who will defend liberal principles in spite of liberal society's every failure? President George W. Bush, in his speech to Congress a few days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, announced that he was going to wage a war of ideas. He has done no such thing. He is not the man for that.



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So, are the Islamic Jihadists crazy? Yeah... like a fox. If they and their counterparts in America aren't careful, they'll wind up destroying one another, and a fair number of others with them. If they are careful... heaven help us all.

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Apocalypse! Forcing the end


Five years ago, PBS Frontline did a very interesting segment on the 'evolution of apocalyptic belief and how it spread around the world.'

The website goes into detail about this phenomenon and its implications, and introduces the various elements of apocalyptic belief.

It's an interesting- and sometimes scary- exploration, and worth an extended visit.



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