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May 2008
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Cultural Warfare Update

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]britzkrieg)

A couple of times a week, [info]solarbird posts a "Cultural Warfare Update" in her blog. It includes links and transcripts concerning dominionist activism, many from dominionist sources, with an emphasis on GBLT issues.

Here's today's update.

Subjects include:

* Southern Baptist Convention passes resolution urging churches to investigate local schools and try to shut down any GBLT-affirming or tolerant activities there
* Older (2002) article by Rick Santorum: liberals and media made Catholic priests abuse children
* FotF article on the political battle over PBS - includes action item
* Today's Family News in Focus
* Weird CWA article on today's Ten Commandments ruling
* Lobbying groups waiting for next Supreme Court nominee with bated breath
* Article on possible GOP rift over nominees; pro-business wing wants fundamentalist wing to shut up when nominees come up; fundamentalists say they will demand clear position statements on abortion, marriage rights (against both)

I hope you all find this interesting and informative.

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