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May 2008
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Recent vomitrocious sightings

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thedemonprist)

Yesterday I saw the most pathetic thing in a long time.

I go out to the local Mall-Wart (aka Wal-Mart) for some hamburger. No sooner do I get into the parking lot than I see a bright red bumper sticker on a red Hyundai Elantra that reads:

"Terri [as in Terri Schiavo] was MURDERED!"

Gag. Me. Sure didn't take the psychotic fundies long to jump on that market, now did it?

Said car also had the requisite fish on it and "Choose Life" painted on the back window in huge purple lettering. I was SO tempted to leave a note on that windshield that said "Re: Schiavo: Why don't you mind your own fucking business for a change?!" But I didn't, since I knew it wouldn't necessarily be a good idea (Not to mention that our Mall-Wart has security cameras for the lot and I don't care to get hauled in for "vandalizing").

Then, later the same evening, I get another dose of the puketracious as I passed by a "fundie-house" that routinely sticks messages regarding current/local affairs up on its big fence (it's a farmhouse on a lot of acreage). Guess what was the topic du jour? Yep. Big 'ol banner all over the fencing proclaiming much the same sentiment as the Terri bumper sticker. I went back there today and got a shot of it. (wish I'd thought to get a shot of the sticker, too, but fast-brain-workings are not my forte unfortunately, and I was just so floored that someone would put this shit on a sticker and market it around) To give you some idea of how big this banner is, I was driving my mom's car, which is a small sedan, and this banner could have easily stretched from one end of it to the other. Here's the pic:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The original message read "Where there is Life, there is Hope. Please Save Terri's Life". But as you can see, the lower half's been painted over (in green paint? Tip to fundie dipshits: use *red* paint next time, it'll stand out better and I imagine you'll get your jollies over the symbolic reference to blood and all that) to read "Terri was MURDERED!"

It's things like this that make me dislike living in a rural area. :p

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