Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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Understanding the TheoCon's tactics


Sometimes one has to read the materials of the adversary to understand their real motives. I've been doing a bit of that this morning. Here's some stuff I found:

The Christianization of the Republican Party

It's clear that this political party was targeted long ago. Here's some material that is three years old, but shows some of that they plan:

The huge influx of Christians has provided Republicans an ever-growing pool of the volunteers they lacked for decades; it has also helped establish Republicans' recent fundraising advantage over Democrats (one reason Democrats and leftist Republicans want to strangle them through campaign finance "reform"). Now Christians' power is beginning to catch up with their influence; and with vision and leadership, that trend could well produce a Christian-led Republican Party by the end of the decade.

Could that party lead America? Yes. But to succeed, there is a lot Christians still have to learn: how to take and keep the offensive; how to articulate one (and just one) unified vision that's saleable to the broader conservative majority; and, perhaps most importantly, how to build a national coalition and hold it together over time.

Inside the Christian Coalition talks about tactics:

Activist judges continue their mischief today, he said.

“These activist judges are free to put one nuclear-sized crater after the other in our civilization, and they have to be stopped,” he said.

House Speaker Hastert touched on similar themes, blasting “liberal activist judges” and vowing that conservatives in Congress “will not allow them to redefine the American family.”

Asserted Hastert, “There’s a real division in the House and a division of values and a division of ideas. It’s not just the presidential race or Senate races that are out there that are very important. Your votes and your values need to be heard, and there’s only one way in this country that really counts and that’s the voting box.”

U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) joined the chorus, blasting “unelected judges” and asserting that they “change the meaning of our laws.”

But Hatch, in the course of an extended rant against Senate Democrats for holding up a handful of Bush judicial nominees, inadvertently strayed off message, becoming too frank in his long-winded analysis. He admitted that the Senate has approved 201 Bush judges so far, noting, “This is a huge number, the highest in history.”

A moment later Hatch noted that President Ronald W. Reagan appointed 382 federal judges during his eight years in office and that many of them are still on the bench.

Curiously, Hatch did not address the obvious question: If Republican presidents have successfully placed so many judges, why is the federal judiciary so stacked with out-of-control liberals?

Hatch also did not mention that seven of the nine members of the Supreme Court were appointed by Re­publican presidents, nor did he point out that the federal appeals court judge who wrote the unpopular ruling striking down use of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools because of its religious content was put on the bench by President Richard M. Nixon.

Further straying off message, Hatch even went out of his way to praise the courts, telling the crowd, “The vast majority of federal judges do do what is right…. By and large, if it hadn’t been for the federal judiciary, the Constitution would have been gone a long time ago. No question about it. Congress constantly passes unconstitutional legislation I shouldn’t say constantly, but more than you ever thought possible.”

And of course, the Dominionists believe that the Constitution was a "Christian" document in its original form, and that its creation 'broke' the religious desires of the founding colonies, and that it needs to be 'restored' to its original religious form. That is the purpose of that dreadful "Constitutional Restoration Act" currently floating around Congress. It's clear that the hardcore Dominionists inhabit a parallel universe, one that has totally different beliefs, beliefs that they want everyone to hold to.