Challenge 16 - Classic Who, The Doctor + One
 dailyicons - (immortalje)
06:15pm 04/05/2009
immortalje posting in A Daily Icon Challenge
Rules for this specific challenge:
- You are free to use any Screencaps of Classic Doctor Who.
- Everything with the exception of animation is allowed.
- Icons should be no larger than 100x100px and 40kb.
- You can submit up to four (4) icons!
Theme Information:
Icons should feature the Doctor (1-8) with at least one other person (Companion, people they met, "Monsters", etc). Despite calling it plus one, that doesn't mean it's limited to just one person. You can also add another Doctor since he's met himself before after all (thinking of The Five Doctors) ;)
Additionally, they don't have to have met in Canon (i.e. Sarah Jane and the 6th Doctor)

Entries are due on 10 May (Sunday) at 8pm German Time!

Click thumbnails to get the full-size images.

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Photobucket Photobucket

other Sources:

Happy Iconing!

Entries: 12/4

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Question ...
11:52pm 05/05/2009 (UTC)
You can also add another Doctor since he's met himself before after all

Is the 'another Doctor' part restricted to the 'Classic' ones?
picword: Archangel
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Re: Question ...
04:49pm 06/05/2009 (UTC)
After long considerations, I've decided that you can feature a "new" Doctor as long as there's a classic one. So the "another Doctor" is not restricted to just Classic.
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(no subject)
04:54pm 08/05/2009 (UTC)
Although I really like them, the first three of your submissions don't go along with the theme "Doctor + One" for the challenge. Can you submit others instead?
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(no subject)
05:45pm 08/05/2009 (UTC)
Oops, sorry about that. *blush* I doubt I'll have time before the deadline, so may I only submit the fourth one?
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(no subject)
05:54pm 08/05/2009 (UTC)
It can happen...

I've already counted the fourth into the submitted numbers (although I only save the icons shortly before putting the voting up)... If you manage to make more before the deadline feel free to submit them in a new comment, but you've got the last one in for sure.

(I hope that rambling made sense... it's 1am for me and I have no idea where the day ran off to)
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(no subject)
11:24am 11/05/2009 (UTC)
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