Challenge 28 - The Skeleton Key, General
 dailyicons - (immortalje)
09:26pm 18/09/2009
immortalje posting in A Daily Icon Challenge
I picked a couple of images more than usual this time (10 in total) since I couldn't decide which to pick after going a bit overboard while saving them.

Rules for this specific challenge:
- You are free to use any Images of the movie "The Skeleton Key".
- Everything with the exception of animation is allowed.
- Icons should be no larger than 100x100px and 40kb.
- You can submit up to four (4) icons!

Entries are due on 25 September 2 October (Friday) at 10pm German Time!

images + poll for next challenge )

You've still got a bit time left to enter Challenge 27. I'm going to leave it open until tomorrow morning (a bit over 12 hours) in the hope that there will be more entries. If there aren't, a winner's post will go up instead of the voting.
Also, if you haven't voted in Challenge 26 yet, please do so. Votes are desperately needed!
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