Challenge 21 - Daredevil
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07:08pm 04/07/2009
immortalje posting in A Daily Icon Challenge
First of all, I'm sorry for being so tardy, but temperatures of about 27°C/80°F simply killed me. I was so convinced that I had to make screencaps for this challenge (and it not working the way I wanted it to) that I completely forgot about simply using google. I'll adjust the due dates for that.

Rules for this specific challenge:
- You are free to use any Images of the movie Daredevil (e.g. Screencaps, Promos)
- Everything with the exception of animation is allowed.
- Icons should be no larger than 100x100px and 40kb.
- You can submit up to four (4) icons!

Entries are due on 14 July (Tuesday) at 10pm German Time!

images + poll for next challenge )
As a side note, I tend to suggest movies that I know I have on DVD and could make Screencaps of if I can't find any for it (unless I forget to search for them) and those tend to be mostly Sci-Fi/Fantasy. If there is a movie you would like to see, feel free to suggest them at the suggestion post along side TV Shows.
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