Challenge 16 - Slight Extension
 dailyicons - (immortalje)
11:02pm 10/05/2009
immortalje posting in A Daily Icon Challenge
I forgot all about the voting for the last challenge... There are only 4 voters so far and while there's only one tie I'd like to see another vote or so before I close it tonight. Vote here

To give more time for that I'll post the new challenge beforehand. I still have to look for images for that challenge (and make a couple of last minute entries for icontests I want to enter) so you've got a bit of time for that.

Because of that and because it's going so well, I've pushed the closing of the Classic Who Challenge to tomorrow morning in about 10 hours. I know that some wanted to try and submit more icons, but weren't sure about making the deadline... take this as your chance (unless rl still keeps you from it)
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