Challenge 8+9 - Reminder
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11:33am 13/01/2009
immortalje posting in A Daily Icon Challenge
I failed at being a mad in the last two weeks aside from the fact that I was pretty sure that Challenge 9 ended last Friday instead of a week earlier. However, my last week at work (now I just need to write a report about those 19 weeks for uni) was pretty busy from my PoV (what with having free days in between and having to do two extra days to make the day minimum) and catching up with other things.

I'm really sorry for that. However, for both Challenge 8 and 9 there still aren't any entries. Instead of cutting the next one short, I will extend both challenges until this Saturday. Independent on how many entries there will be, neither of them will be extended any further after that.

Challenge 8 - Ace of Cakes
Challenge 9 - Christmas

Lastly, I hope everybody had a good start into the new year.
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