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17th April 2018 13:08 - We Await Your Kinks
All Wheel of Fornication participants, please email us your kinks! We haven't heard from any of you yet, and our members are anxiously awaiting their spring/summer themes!

...And if you missed the post and have no idea what this is about, go HERE. (And then email us your kinks!)
15th April 2018 15:16 - Wheel of Fornication Winners!
Apologies YET AGAIN for the delay. *headdesk* My internet had been teasing me for a while, then it finally went down and stayed down on Monday. It was fixed Friday afternoon... but at that point, I decided to just wait until today/Sunday to make this post so that it wouldn't be overlooked on the weekend. So at long last...

Here they are! The Wheel of Fornication Winners! We had a tie in one category, so we have four awards to hand out rather than three:

Congrats to our winners, and huge thanks to everyone who contributed, commented, and generally played along!

Everyone who participated can now choose a kink/theme for the spring-summer months! Poll winners, you can choose two!

Any kink/theme you like that hasn't been used in the past year is fair game. (You can go here to see which kinks are off limits.) Email your choices to us (dd.mods at gmail). As soon as we've heard from everyone, we'll get the themes for the rest of spring and summer posted.

Thanks again to everyone for another fun and filthy birthday celebration!
6th April 2018 13:47 - It's Time to Vote for Your Favorite Fornicators!

Don't forget to vote for the most deliciously deviant pieces on the Wheel of Fornication!

Voting continues until midnight Monday (U.S. Eastern time). When the weekend is over, so is your chance to tell us what you think!

(Note that voting is anonymous. Everyone can see the numerical votes, but no one other than the mods can see how anyone voted. So don't be afraid to chime in!)
4th April 2018 01:00 - Time to Vote for Your Favorite Fornicators!
Apologies yet again for the delay. My internet connection and I need to have a serious heart-to-heart about its habit of wanting to go down at the most inconvenient times. (Still not at fun as it sounds!)

[Posted using this personal journal rather than the mod account due to the fact that polls can only be created/posted by paid or permanent accounts. Apologies for the aberration!]

It's time to vote for your favorite Wheel of Fornication pieces in a few fun categories! You'll have five days to read, view, and vote -- until midnight U.S. Eastern time on Monday, then we'll announce the winners and hand out awards on Tuesday.

A couple of quick notes about the categories:

For "best use of prompt," in cases where multiple prompts were used in a piece, you only need to vote based on the use of one prompt that you particularly liked. E.g., if someone's use of "birthday cake" was only average, but their take on "pin the tail on the donkey" was the greatest thing ever, you absolutely can vote for the piece in this category.

As for "deliciously deviant": define that however you choose. The kinkiest, the most irreverent, the least fit for polite society. Pick the piece that you believe most represents the sort of thing we all love around this comm.

Once again, here's the masterlist of pieces.

...And here's the poll!

Poll #7986 The Wheel of Fornication Winners
Open to: All, results viewable to: None

Which contains the most blisteringly hot birthday bang?

Let's Slip Away
1 (10.0%)

It's My Party and I'll Lick Pussy if I Want To (Part 2)
2 (20.0%)

By Personal Invitation Only or: The Potions Master Entertains
1 (10.0%)

Packs a Punch
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Slow Hands
0 (0.0%)

Her Waiting Mouth
3 (30.0%)

Ribbons and Beaux
0 (0.0%)

Ladies' Night
3 (30.0%)

Which contains the best use of a prompt?

Let's Slip Away
1 (10.0%)

It's My Party and I'll Lick Pussy if I Want To (Part 2)
1 (10.0%)

By Personal Invitation Only or: The Potions Master Entertains
2 (20.0%)

Packs a Punch
0 (0.0%)

1 (10.0%)

Slow Hands
0 (0.0%)

Her Willing Mouth
1 (10.0%)

Ribbons and Beaux
1 (10.0%)

Ladies' Night
3 (30.0%)

Which is the most deliciously deviant?

Let's Slip Away
1 (10.0%)

It's My Party and I'll Lick Pussy if I Want To (Part 2)
4 (40.0%)

By Personal Invitation Only or: The Potions Master Entertains
2 (20.0%)

Packs a Punch
0 (0.0%)

1 (10.0%)

Slow Hands
0 (0.0%)

Her Willing Mouth
0 (0.0%)

Ribbons and Beaux
0 (0.0%)

Ladies' Night
2 (20.0%)

2nd April 2018 17:59 - The Wheel of Fornication Masterlist
It's now April, which means Daily Deviant's birthday month has now come and gone! Below the cut you'll find a maserlist of pieces created for the Wheel of Fornication, complete with included prompts. Tomorrow we'll be posting a poll so that everyone can vote for their favorite naughty tidbits in a couple of fun categories. Until then, make use of the masterlist to catch up on anything you might have missed.

The Wheel of Fornication Masterlist )

Enjoy, and come back tomorrow to take part in the poll!
12th March 2018 11:00 - Spin the Wheel of Fornication!
Welcome to Daily Deviant's Wheel of Fornication! By now most of you are probably wondering what this is all about. So we're here to give you all the dirty details and get this thing rolling spinning!

We've spent the last couple of weeks collecting celebration-themed prompts and gluing them to our smutty spinner wheels. Now everyone gets to spin the wheels, get some surprise prompts, and use them to create porny pieces to celebrate Daily Deviant's birthday. You'll have a bit over two weeks to post your fic and art, then we'll have some quick polling to determine things like "best use of prompt" or "most monitor-melting celebration." At the end, we'll hand out some awards -- and the opportunity to choose a theme or two for the summer months.

The full details:

- Click the banner below to go to the spinner. The spinner is labeled only with numbers 1 through 12.
- Spin three times -- once for Wheel X, once for Wheel Y, and once for Wheel 69. (I.e. we have three separate prompt lists, each with somewhat different types of prompts.)
- Return to this post and leave a comment with your results. (You need only list the three numbers; we'll assume the first number is for the first wheel/list, the second number is for the second wheel/list, etc. Comments are screened to preserve the prompt surprises.)
- We'll reply to you ASAP and give you your prompts.
- Once a prompt has been taken, we'll remove it from the wheel and replace it with another from the list. So each time a number is chosen, the corresponding prompt will be different. If we run out of prompts, we'll start over from the top of the list.
- Pieces must be a minimum of 200 words (if fic) or a sketch equivalent (if art).
- If your fic is 500 words or less, you must only use one prompt. If it's over 500 words, you must use two prompts. For art, only one prompt is necessary.
- Since fills may be short, we're not going to be strictly policing the rating of each piece. Just remember this is Daily Deviant and we want to see some sex!
- Pieces are to be posted in comments to the main event post -- here. There are headers for your use included in the event post.
- After you've posted your piece, you're welcome to return to the wheel and spin for a new set of prompts. You then have the option of combining your new prompts with any old ones that you didn't use in your previous round or simply using the new ones.

And that's that!

11th March 2018 14:27 - Warming Up the Wheel...
We're just putting the final touches on things, and we'll be firing up the Wheel of Fornication tomorrow -- Monday, March 12 at noon U.S. Eastern time. In the mean time, feel free to advertise and bring more friends to the party!

4th March 2018 12:32 - To Clarify...
To clarify a bit: We're currently collecting prompts for the Wheel of Fornication, which is going to be a slightly new and different thing. This is not Comment Kink. There's no need for complex prompts complete with pairings, kinks, squicks, and so forth, and there's no template. We're just looking for celebration-themed prompts in the form of single words, short phrases, or images -- objects, locations, concepts, general scenarios, tropes, quotes, etc. Things more along the lines of the drabble/drawble prompts.

Leave them in comments to the prompt collection post. Leave as many as you like. Listing them in a single comment is fine -- or come back and leave more as they come to you!

We'll be collecting for five more days, then the Wheel of Fornication starts spinning next Sunday, March 11!
4th March 2018 06:39 - So Close...!
We're only a few hours away from kicking off our 12th Birthday Bash with the first Dirty Drabble/Drawble prompt, so here's a quick reminder for everyone to be there or be vanilla! Be sure to spread the word!

...And we still need your prompts for the Wheel of Fornication!!

1st March 2018 14:14 - Happy 12th Birthday, Daily Deviant!
As of this month, Daily Deviant is a dozen debauched years old!!

We'll soon be kicking off some pervy party games (perhaps with porntastic prizes attached), but first... we need your prompts!

We're looking for birthday, anniversary, or general celebration themed prompts. They can be single words, short phrases, or images. Objects, locations, tropes, scenarios, or quotes. Get creative and give us as many as you like!

Leave your prompts in comments to this post. Comments are screened to preserve the surprises.

While prompt collection proceeds, we'll be starting the erotic activities with six Dirty Drabble/Drawble Days from Sunday, March 4 through Friday, March 9!

When the drabbling/drawbling ends, so does prompt collection. Then Wheel of Fornication begins on Sunday, March 11! (And, yes, we'll give you all the details soon...)

So! Give us lots of prompts, be here for some dirty drabbling/drawbling, and use the handy copy/paste code above to advertise and bring lots of people to the party!
25th December 2017 19:33 - Smutty Season's Greetings!

We hope you've been having a ball (or several) this holiday season! Our best wishes to all you Deviant folks going into the new year.

Remember that Kinky Krimstas: Comment Kink is ongoing until the end of the month. New prompts have trickled in as we've gone along, so be sure to check for any irresistable goodies that might be lurking about. There's still time to make someone's holidays a little hotter and happier!

art by [info]venturous

Click the banner to stuff some stockings!
3rd December 2017 11:00 - Kinky Kristmas: Comment Kink is On!
Kinky Kristmas 2017: Comment Kink Edition is now OPEN!!

art by [info]venturous

Click the banner to go to the KK:CK post... and begin making everyone's holidays happy!
1st December 2017 13:51 - Reminder: Kinky Kristmas: Comment Kink Begins Sunday!
Once again, the event post goes live at noon U.S. Eastern time this Sunday, December 3! Members, if you haven't submitted your prompts yet, hurry over and get 'em in. And of course, help us advertise so that all the stockings get stuffed!

art by [info]venturous

21st November 2017 15:00 - The Holidays Are Coming!
Get ready for the return of...
Kinky Kristmas: Comment Kink Edition!

art by [info]venturous1

Our members are currently making requests for some small, smutty goodies they'd like to receive this season. Both members and watchers will have the opportunity to fulfill their wishes with little gifts in the form of kinky comment fic or art. We hope lots of friends and fandomers will gather 'round our tree for some quick, easy, and dirty fun!

The event post goes live at noon U.S. Eastern time on Sunday, December 3!
20th April 2017 14:39 - The Party is Still Going!
Remember that all of our birthday party games are ongoing until the end of the month!

You only need to complete lines with drabbles/drawbles for a chance to win a prize!

There are still plenty of prompts available! It's not too late to get in on the action.

Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3 // Day 4 // Day 5 // Day 6 // Day 7

We've made it through the alphabet once! Can we finish a second round??

Click the banners to join in!
10th April 2017 16:15 - Still Ongoing - With More Prompts!

Click the banner to go to our birthday card!

Although our week of dirty drabble/drawble challenger has started, remember that Birthday Card Comment Kink is still ongoing! It's started to slow down a bit, but we're tossing a few more porny prompts into the pot in order to tempt more folks to play. Go check them out over the next couple of days and see if there's something delicious that you just can't resist.

And be sure to read/view the fantastic contributions so far! Below the cut is a compiled list of the second set of pieces. The first list of pieces can be found here.

Comment Kink Creations - Batch 2 )

Also a reminder that The Bad Porn Alphabet is ongoing as well. If you haven't checked this one out, you really should. The contributions and conversations taking place have been highly entertaining. ;D

Our birthday party with all of its events continue until the end of the month. There's still plenty of time to jump in if you haven't done so yet!
9th April 2017 12:24 - 11th Birthday Bash: Dirty Drabble/Drawble Day 1
Welcome to the first Dirty Drabble/Drawble Day! Over the next six days, we'll be posting prompts for our debauched drabble/drawble challenge. Everyone's invited to pick up their pencils and see what sort of impure inspiration strikes. So, for today's challenge:

Rules? What rules?

To share your results, simply post them in a comment to this entry.

You need not use the prompt words/quote directly in your drabble. Allow the prompt to influence and inspire you any way it will.

By definition, a drabble is exactly 100 words and a drawble is a rough sketch equivalent. However, we're not going to be running anyone's work through a word counter here. Have fun with it!

And... GO!
7th April 2017 23:30 - Drabble/Drawble Days on the Way!


Use the copy/paste code below to advertise and invite everyone to do some fast 'n' dirty writing/drawing with us!

Of course BIRTHDAY CARD COMMENT KINK is still ongoing. We'll have a second masterlist of fills coming up very soon.

And THE BAD PORN ALPHABET continues as well. We're up to the letter P. Surely someone can think of something that begins with P...?
2nd April 2017 13:50
And we're entering the third week of our birthday festivities! Everyone ready for a new party game? (You know you've been curious about this one...)

The idea is to come up with words, terms, or phrases that one might find in cliche or poorly-written erotica -- for every letter of the alphabet! For example... "H" is for "heaving bosom," or "W" is for "weeping cock."

- Players take turns submitting words in alphabetical order.
- There is no set rotation for players, and each player may come back and submit words for as many letters as they like.
- However, players cannot use two letters in a row.
- In other words, if you submit a word for letter A, you must wait for someone else to do letter B, then you can come back to do letter C. Or someone else entirely can do letter C, and you can come back for a later letter.
- You can use single words, multi-word terms, short, cliche phrases, or... anything that strikes your fancy. (Or, given the subject matter, anything that makes you cringe!)
- Use a new comment in reply to this post -- not in reply to the previous comment -- for each letter. (That way we can discuss each others' wonderful/terrible word choices without losing track of the game thread.)
- Put the letter in the subject line so that we can easily see where we are in the alphabet.

So, how well-versed in purple erotic prose are you?

Shall we see how many times can we get through the alphabet?
27th March 2017 16:08 - Birthday Card Comment Kink STILL ONGOING!

Click the banner to go to our birthday card!

The first week of Birthday Card Comment Kink went extremely well! We're ridiculously pleased. Keep those porny prompt fills coming! :D

If you haven't joined in yet, there's still plenty of time to get in on the action. Comment Kink continues until the end of April. Remember, both members and watchers are invited to play. Only a minimum 200 word ficlet or a sketch equivalent is required.

And, to tempt everyone further, we anticipate some fresh prompts appearing over the next couple of days. So check again for new temptations!

Below the cut you'll find a compiled list of the pieces that have been created so far. We hope to add lots more before it's time to pass out the sweat towels and Gatorade!

Week 1 Comment Kink Creations )

Let us know if we've missed any or messed up the links. And keep coming back for more great, sexy stuff!
19th March 2017 10:35 - Birthday Card Comment Kink is Now OPEN!
Birthday Card Comment Kink is now OPEN!!

Click the banner to go to the Comment Kink post... and begin smutting up our birthday card!
14th March 2017 19:52 - Birthday Card Comment Kink!

12th March 2017 16:16 - Birthday Plans Unveiled!
This month marks Daily Deviant's 11th birthday! [insert obligatory "this one goes to eleven" joke here] InsaneJournal's unanticipated technical difficulties and down time delayed our plans for celebration, but they have most definitely not been cancelled. The party is still on! And since we don't want to rush through things, we've decided to extend the ball throughout the last two weeks of March and all of April.

Here's a sneak peek at some of our nefarious plans:

• March 19: Birthday Card Comment Kink begins!

For those of you who remember 2015's Kinky Kristmas: Comment Kink Edition, this will operate in the same way. Our members are currently putting in prompts for short, smutty pieces they'd like to see written or drawn. On Sunday, March 19 at noon U.S. Eastern time, the official Birthday Card Comment Kink post will go live. And then both members and watchers can have at those porny prompts!

• April 2: The Bad Porn Alphabet

The first of our pervy party games. You're curious now, aren't you...? ;)

• April 9-13: Dirty Drabble/Drawble Days

Each day, we'll issue a challenge for you to meet with a dirty drabble or smutty sketch. We had a lot of fun with this last time, so be sure not to miss it!

• April 16: the start of... ???

We'll play another game, with the opportunity to win a prize or two. More will be revealed closer to the date...

We'll have more detailed information about Birthday Card Comment Kink up in the next day or two. For now, help us get the word out about our big birthday bash!

7th March 2017 13:51 - Well, We're Sorta Back...
IJ is back up, but there seems to be a glitch with the comms and comm membership. For some reason, members of the comm can no longer see posts that are locked to members. As of right now, the only way to solve the problem is for members to leave and rejoin the comm.

We're about to remove and re-invite a bunch of you. Check your invitations (Asylums --> Asylum Invitations), rejoin, and check to make sure you can view the locked posts.

Once we get this sorted, we will get birthday things going, dammit!
7th March 2017 09:14 - And We're Back!
Whew! Looks like IJ is up and running again!

Our birthday party has been delayed, but it's still on! We'll be getting new dates, info, banners, etc. up a little later in the day. Things will kick off soon, so keep watching!

FYI, in the event that IJ should ever happen to go down again, we do post emergency messages at daily_deviant on DreamWidth, dd_updates on LiveJournal, and the mods' other journals ([info]r_grayjoy on LJ and DW, and [info]ragdoll on LJ and DW).

We did have some wonkiness with our members list here on IJ, so if you're supposed to be a posting member, make sure that you still are. And if you were following the comm via the RSS feed or some other off-IJ method, double check that as well.

All right, then... Back later with birthday info!
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