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2nd June 2020 01:27 - Art: Teach me, Ron. (Ron/Harry)
Title: Teach me, Ron. [ART]
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing: Ron/Harry
Created for: [community profile] rarepair_shorts SUMMER WISHLIST EVENT. Request/Prompt Used: From the list person comes to Ron for his expertise. | Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] tjs_whatnot
Rating: PG-13 (Soft R...IDK?)
Word Count/Art Medium: Digital Art
Summary: Post-war, Harry feels comfortable turning to his best friend for a good time.
Notes: OMG TJS - I still remember the day we met! I love that you love Harry/Ron and hope you like the gift. True story, I was going for Viktor/Ron but then that hair happened and I was like… uh… we're gonna switch it up a bit. xo.

Teach me, Ron. [ART] )
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1st June 2020 13:04 - Fic: The Artist and the Auror (Ron Weasley/Pansy Parkinson)
Title: The Artist and the Auror
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing: Ron/Pansy
Created for: Recipient: [personal profile] sportivetricks + Request/Prompt Used:: From the prompt list: Mirrors, Portraits, "You'll have to do better than that." For the [community profile] rarepair_shorts SUMMER WISHLIST EVENT.
Rating: PG
Word Count/Art Medium: 1500
Notes: Totes unbetaed. I always say that I only write one HET fic a year and it's 99% of the time for this summer wishlist event fest. I hope if you read it, you like it.
Summary: Ron needs to get a professional portrait done. He's surprised to find out who the artist is, and is struggling to get along with her.

the artist and the auror )
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31st May 2020 23:59 - art: a connection - dean/seamus
Title: "A Connection."
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing: Dean/Seamus
Notes: Created for the [community profile] rarepair_shorts. My first entry for the summer -> Request/Prompt Used: WISHLIST from [personal profile] kent_alex (link here): Seamus/Dean These two just have a connection, and nothing can get between them.
Rating: G
Word Count/Art Medium: Digital
Summary: They have a connection that has forever strengthened the fabric of their relationship.


a connection )
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31st May 2020 12:10 - A Very Harry Birthday!
Two months from today is our very own Harry Potter's 40th birthday and if there's anyone who deserves a party, it's him!

In light of that, [personal profile] lightofdaye and I are pleased to announce:

art by [info]mywitch

We've got a comm set up on DW and a collection will open up on AO3. Please spread the word far and wide on your journals, Discord, Tumblr, Myspace... *g*

The short version is any and all pairings, genres, media, etc as long as Harry himself has got a featured part and then for roughly 36 hours on July 31st (to take time zones into account) people can post to our DW account and/or to the collection on AO3. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Let us know if you've got questions!
30th May 2020 16:10 - What Year is This...?
So. Today, those of us in the U.S. are watching a historic launch on a backdrop of massive civil unrest. I feel like I went to sleep in 2020 and woke up in 1969.

Except I'm not quite sure where COVID-19 fits in, since that's more of an 1918 thing.

I've been wanting to check in for a while and ask how everyone's holding up. You all still okay out there, even though we have a pandemic in full swing? I know a lot of folks who are vulnerable or have loved ones who are vulnerable, and it's making me want to reach out and try to get in touch with basically everyone I've had any connection with in the last fifteen years. Argh.

Personally, I'm probably doing better than most. Work-wise, I've been deemed "essential personnel," so my paycheck is unaffected. (Plus my workplace has been on a pretty tight lockdown with few people allowed into my workspace -- although that's about to end, so that's a bit worrisome.) And I'm a pro at this "social distancing" thing, since I rarely go anywhere unnecessary in the best of times. :P

I've been lucky so far, all things considered. But lately I just keep feeling like I've gained a much deeper understanding of the meaning of that old curse. "Interesting times," indeed. It just keeps getting more "interesting" by the day. Oof.

So, yeah, how are all of you doing? Drop a quick note and let me know you're still hanging in there.
29th May 2020 22:44 - Did you make a wish yet?
Creating a wishlist for [livejournal.com profile] rarepair_shorts / [community profile] rarepair_shorts closes tomorrow. This is a no-nonsense, no-commitment fest. You just have to post a wishlist. Others may or may not write you a fic or draw you some art. SO COME ON! Don't you love a bit of rare pair? Some Sirius/Snape, some Harry/Ron, some Draco/Pansy, some Neville/Charlie (HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ---> you know I just need a reason to write/draw these foolish mofos.) So give yourself a gift this quarantine, and make a wish. ALL FEMSLASH ARE RARE PAIRS.


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28th May 2020 19:19 - Festy pointers
A few things to mention before I forget yet again to post about them.

[community profile] hp_crossgenfest claiming is open here. There's a wide variety of pairing options and entries aren't due till July 20.

[community profile] hphet is nearing the end of their Mini Fest. I'm a little behind in reading there, hope to catch up this weekend.

[community profile] daily_deviant's Banging Birthday is underway. I'm terribly behind there so hopefully I can start with that this weekend as well.

[community profile] snape_potter posted the anon master list for this year's Snarry-a-Thon, with reveals coming June 1. You can view the anon ML on DW, LJ or IJ.
28th May 2020 17:00 - Destined.
Title: Destined
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing: James, Scorpius, Teddy
Word Count: 100x5
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Prompt 197: Cousins for [community profile] hp_nextgen100
A/N: Unbetaed. Harry/Draco background. Continuation of Worth The Wait Series.

Destined )
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27th May 2020 10:38 - Free Gay Book Wednesday - (also change your passwords, apparently)

This one looks promising. I love make-over - falling in love stories. Oh, Pygmalion! but more like My fair lady typah ending.

The Masterpiece
By Bonnie Dee
After making a wager, gentleman playboy Arthur sets out to transform working-class Joe’s life — only to kindle an unlikely attraction! A passionate same-sex twist on My Fair Lady.

I really like Bonnie Dee. She's not a fav (except when she collabs w/ another author, then the pair is super rocking) but I do enjoy her books a lot. I love historial gay romance pieces. So I'm sure it'll be awesome.

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25th May 2020 07:40 - HPHet Fic No. 2
Posted the second of my two entries for [community profile] hphet's Mini Fest.

It's a PG-13, Severus/Rosmerta ficlet that you can read on DW or LJ.

Do check out the fest--all the entries are a nice bite-sized read between 500-1500 words.
24th May 2020 22:32 - Frigid
Title: Frigid
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Character(s): Neville, Draco, Harry
Rating: PG-13
Challenge(s): Prompt 435: Antarctica FOR [info]neville100
Word count: 100x5
Author's notes: Unbetaed. Part 58 of Wanting Harry series.

Frigid )
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24th May 2020 22:04 - fly by post - art rec - gift for me - femslash
EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO ON AO3 AND CHECK OUT THIS [livejournal.com profile] femmefest entry - which is a gift for me! ♥ CHECK IT OUT. DO NOT STOP. DO NOT DRINK WATER. STAY THIRSTY, FRIENDS.

HA. But honestly, it's 2 gifts in one b/c this artist is awesome like that.

Kisses — A gift for Digthewriter | AO3 art | digital | pg-13
Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley, Pansy Parkinson/Parvati Patil
Summary: Ginny gets a good luck kiss before quidditch practice. Professors Parkinson and Patil get caught in an intimate moment.

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24th May 2020 21:57 - The Bookshop, Part 91
Title: The bookshop, part 91
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Written for: [community profile] draco100 | Prompt: Puddle + Challenge Prompt 390: Fame for [community profile] harry100
Character(s) / Pairing(s): Draco/Harry
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Warnings: NA
Notes: The next part in the series: "The Bookshop"

The bookshop, part 91 )
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22nd May 2020 23:08 - Don't you just love HP RARE PAIRS?
Well, dontcha?

You have one week left for the [community profile] rarepair_shorts WISHLIST EVENT - to leave a wish. This is one of the only fests where it's a gift for you, but it's not an exchange. You leave a wish of what kinda Harry Potter rare pair fic / art you'd like over the summer. It's a GIFT FOR YOU and you don't have to do anything in exchange! There are many authors and artists eager to participate in giving you a gift. But you're the one who has to leave a wishlist first!

So far we have 14 "secret wishes" and we'd like more. All the wishes will be revealed on May 31! So Get it together, and leave a wish by the 30th of May!

Pimp the fest. Grab a pimping banner on LJ or DW.

To leave a wish, go to the WISHLIST POST on LJ / DW.

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22nd May 2020 08:14 - AO3 expert?
I have a question for those familiar with, well, collections that find themselves somewhere between completely open and very tightly closed. I've done the latter for fests, where the mod posts, everything is anon, etc. I am looking at, perhaps, something more like post it yourself but the mod reveals the entries. I just want to be sure I get the settings right. And, actually, I'm thinking something similar for DW. Anyway, if anyone has advice, let me know.

And yes, that does mean I am cooking up something though if you're also friends with [personal profile] lightofdaye, you may have some inkling already. *vbg*
20th May 2020 11:04 - Free Gay Book Wednesday -
I like this one. It's a good one.

Will & Patrick Wake Up Married serial, Episodes 1 - 6: Wake Up Married, Meet the Family Do the Holidays, Fight Their Feelings, Meet the Mob, Happy Ending.

Join the fun in this soapy serial as Will & Patrick's fake marriage turns into true love!


Word count: 220,400; page count: 700

link here.
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