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"Thwak!" Art, SS/IK, NC 17, January 08 
8th January 2008 03:23
Title: Thwak!
Artist: [info]blackcoyote
Media: Artline Pen, Photoshop2
Characters: Snape/Karkaroff
Compliant to: All the books.
Rating: NC 17+ for partially-graphic nudity (incl. body hair), Sexual Situation (NWS!)
Warnings: m/m Slash, Nudity, Sex-scene, Rainbow colours, Mild Violence (slapping), Mpreg incl. veins, stretch-marks, man-boobies etc; consideration of the possible impact this may have upon one's soundness of mental constitution is strongly advised before viewing
Theme/kink: January 08 - 'Everything old is new' month. kinks/Themes chosen from prompts I haven't used - Face-slapping (from May 07), Serenading (July 07), Boot Fetish (Nov 06), Death Eater Kama Sutra (Jan 07), Squick your mod (Jan 07 - teh mpreg squick).

Summary: I think Severus isn't that impressed with Igor's singing, nor in the mood to tolerate it much...
Notes: Drawn for the [info]daily_deviant January 08 AU Theme.
Disclaimer: The characters & settings in this picture (c) J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers. This artist recognises that this image and scenario is a derivative work that may depart from the original Canon and/or the original Author's creative intent.

7th January 2008 17:42
*dies laughing* *is thoroughly squicked*

Great picture! Sevvie's expression is wonderful and... OMG! Karkaroff has hairy balll! *dies some more* toy!Nagini is priceless!♥
7th January 2008 23:43
Always a pleasure *bows*
7th January 2008 18:27

I don't know where the "img src" link is, but all I'm seeing is a blank space (not even a red x). Could you add a direct link so that I can see your work?

*looks hopeful*
8th January 2008 01:58
Thanks so much!
7th January 2008 23:51
It's probably my image Hosting playing up - try Florahart's link to see if that works. If you still have trouble, I can email you a copy. I've recently moved all my adult art off LJ to weblogimages, & am still on the lookout for a suitable adult image host.
8th January 2008 02:00
Needless to say, I opened up Flora's link at work. That required some speedy browser closing. :)

However! This is fantastic. Very funny, brilliantly detailed, and very true to life...um...if men could get pregnant, that is.

(or if these particular men actually existed *g*)

Well done!!
8th January 2008 02:20
Thank you! :)
7th January 2008 19:14
I also cannot see the image.
7th January 2008 23:54
It's probably my image host - try this link:


If you still have problems with it, I can @ you a copy.
7th January 2008 19:33

That's hilarious. :D
8th January 2008 02:23
*g* - Thank you! :)
8th January 2008 01:09
OMFG the grouchy preggie Snape! I can so believe it. Oh, the poor thing's little swollen breasts owww! If Kark did this to him, no wonder he's smacking him. roflmao

and the boots! they are splendid. I wants the curly toed ones.

now that I look carefully, you did an amazing job of combining prompts. I am impressed, and inspired.
8th January 2008 02:25
Thank you! :)
8th January 2008 02:35
Wonderful! I love all the little details: the dark marks, the pillows, the buckle and laces on the boots, Snape's armpit hair. :) The image overall is chuckle-worthy and still, somehow, rather erotic. I even like the swollen mantit... and is that the head of Snape's cock? OMG, no wonder Igor wants to sing him love ballads. ;) Brava!
8th January 2008 03:09
Thank you! :)

"and is that the head of Snape's cock?" Actually, that was the top Igor's other knee... but I suppose it can be the tip of Sev's 'third leg' as well ;)
8th January 2008 03:44
Eeee! I can't stop looking at it! Its completely over the top and supremely squicky and hilarious! And above all superbly drawn!
8th January 2008 04:04
Thank you! :D
11th January 2008 20:40
OMG, how disturbing and yet well-drawn. Aw, poor preggers Snape having to listen to Karkaroff sing... I do wonder what he's singing though. Shania Twain?
13th January 2008 14:54
Gawd, if he was no wonder Sev lost it 0_o

& Thank You! :)
13th January 2008 19:47
ahahhah, your ideas never stop to surprise me :D
I love all the details and Sev&Igor's expression are just awesome ;D
14th January 2008 07:34
This is just frankly hilarious. I don't even know where to begin detailing all the reasons this is made of win.
17th January 2008 13:44
*giggle* Awesome. Hilarious. great use of prompts!
17th January 2008 15:07
Thanks! :)
21st January 2008 06:04
Is it wrong that I'm cracking up over them still wearing their boots? *giggles*
21st January 2008 16:42
Nope, now that I think of it ;)

& thanks! :D
3rd July 2011 07:54
...I can't stop staring. I mean, I kind of want to, because seriously, wtf? But I can't...

I think that means it's brilliant...
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