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ART: Lord of Gardens (Voldemort) 
25th November 2007 20:55
Title: Lord of Gardens
Artist: [info]vimessy
Media: digital
Characters: Voldie, Nagini, Voldie and Bella' scarecrows
Rating: R
Warnings: naked suggestive vegetables!
Themes/kinks chosen: Voldemort gives up trying to take over the wizarding world and takes up gardening.
Artist's notes: I just couldn't help myself and just had to draw something silly. Sorry! ;D
Art preview:

25th November 2007 20:12
MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Absolutely brilliant! I love all the little quirky details, especially the bird balancing on Scarecrow!Bella's hair and her considerable er- melons.
25th November 2007 20:16
Oh, dearie me. That's HILARIOUS. Scarecrow-Voldemort is hung, hee, and Nagini's little love-heart makes me laugh. Scarecrow-Bella looks less than impressed ;).
25th November 2007 20:24
Gods! ROFL! That is... precious! *GG* I love that Voldie has such a very, erm, optimistic view of his own and Bella's attributes *GG*

(And I think this is some of the only veggie-porn I've seen. Where the veggies weren't used at toys at any rate.)
25th November 2007 20:36
Oh, look how proud he is of himself! Hee! I love it!
25th November 2007 20:42
::pissed herself with laughter::

bloody priceless! :DDD

ja chce kabaczka!!!!
25th November 2007 21:43
Voldie with suspenders and a flower! ♥♥! And Nagini's heart, and the singing bird on Bella's head, and... and....

*collapses in giggles*
25th November 2007 23:21
That's one big zucchini!
25th November 2007 23:47
ROFL! That's just priceless! :D I love all the little details.
26th November 2007 00:56
*collapses in giggle fit* That is totally awesome XD

I think my favourite part may be Nagini and the flower Voldemort has in his mouth :D
26th November 2007 01:43

26th November 2007 03:28
He looks so proud. Of course if his likeness is true to real life then he has every reason! Nagini's love heart is made of win!
26th November 2007 04:39
Oh goodie! This is so hilarius!
26th November 2007 06:49
ahahha, oh, the hat and suspenders! And the vegetables!^^
26th November 2007 08:45
how cute!!he's like retired Godfather:))
26th November 2007 14:03
ROFL!Oh, this is just too funny; all these little details!
26th November 2007 14:03
*dead* The straw hat is really the clincher. ;) Hilarious!
26th November 2007 17:28
omg this is by far the best thing I've seen this month.
26th November 2007 20:05
Awesome! *giggles*
28th November 2007 00:17
Haha! Good one! I love the naughty vegetables! :D
30th November 2007 00:15
Ahahaha! Oh, that's genius. Voldy looks so proud of himself!
3rd December 2007 00:05
I almost INJURED myself trying to swallow my hot chocolate while simultaneously inhaling & laughing & trying not to spray the comp screen...! This must be the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Oh, so brilliant!
9th December 2007 20:53
i just love your idea! and the look on voldie's face is amazing! great work, hon!
14th December 2007 16:16
*is dead*
26th December 2007 10:01
Voldie looks so content... *happy sigh*
18th January 2010 20:24
Oh wow. Never thought about Voldemort being a gardener. But it looks he has a real talent for this work - plus he looks just hilarious in these clothes and hat and a flower ...You're genius! :D
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