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ART: The Witch-Queen (Luna) 
21st November 2007 13:43
Title: The Witch-Queen
Artist: [info]twilightsorcery
Media: photoshop
Characters: Luna Lovegood
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Themes/kinks chosen: Luna Lovegood turns out to be the heir of Ravenclaw.
Artist's notes: I promise this makes sense. See, Luna puts on the re-created Ravenclaw diadem, and the dirigible plum tells her that she should revive the old ways--by painting herself with woad and hanging out on wolf pelts.

...okay, maybe not so much with the sense-making. ;)

This portrait is based on the witch who appears briefly in the Sandman: Endless Nights Desire story. She spends her entire cameo naked, painted, and utterly comfortable that way, which was just what I wanted for Luna as the Heir.

Art preview:

21st November 2007 19:45
Nice! Very good use of the pink in the skin tones. :D Your lineart is stellar, as always! and I love that little smirk on Luna's face. The body paint is completely awesome too!
5th December 2007 23:33
Thank you! The body paint was really fun to design. :D
21st November 2007 20:13
Awesome! And rather lovely. She *does* look very relaxed and comfy, and has such pretty pink knees.

I must admit I've fallen for the badger :).
5th December 2007 23:34
Thank you! The badger is my favorite of the animals, too :D
21st November 2007 20:32
Gorgeous, as always, hon!
And yes, I can see Luna being this comfortable with her nudity. :)
5th December 2007 23:36
Thanks! *hugs* I think Luna's got more composure than the rest of Hogwarts put together. :D
21st November 2007 21:00
Wow, what a picture. And of my favourite female, even :-) I just love Luna's little smirk and it's a great touch with the animals around her too. And you definitely succeeded in making her look comfortable. I think Luna would be very much so even naked - that's just her.
5th December 2007 23:37
Yay, thank you! :D Luna's a real favorite of mine, too.
22nd November 2007 00:23
Just lovely! I love her expression. Very good! ^.^
5th December 2007 23:38
*grins* Thank you!
22nd November 2007 03:04
so AWESOME. body paint and Queen Luna.
I love the house animals, too. The badger is amazing.
5th December 2007 23:41
Thanks! Luna would make an excellent queen. :D
24th November 2007 00:59
Oh, I love the pretty patterns. And Luna would probably find it logical to do exactly what she's doing here.
5th December 2007 23:42
Thanks! She sure would :D
28th November 2007 00:11
Gorgeous! I love Luna, and this is SO, so awesome. Beautiful!!!!

Her skin is lovely and the woad patterns are fantastic. Her hair and the diadem are great, too! ;D

5th December 2007 23:43
Thank you! *blushes* I had a great time designing her patterns. :)
28th November 2007 00:41
I think you captured her ease quite well. I love the smirk she's got.
5th December 2007 23:44
Thank you! I'm glad it worked out. :)
30th November 2007 16:01
Love! It! How she can look so regal while wearing that diadem...oh, just awesome and so Luna.
5th December 2007 23:45
Thank you! I think Luna's so convinced that wearing that diadem makes perfect sense that she can convince the rest of us, too. ;)
22nd August 2008 20:26
Wow! This is great...I love the body art...but for some reason I really love the snake slithering up her leg! Great job!!
28th September 2008 16:52
Thank you! The animals were a lot of fun to design and draw. :)
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