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ART: On the winning side 
16th November 2007 11:44
Title: On the winning side
Artist: [info]zhyn
Media: opencanvas 3.05
Characters: Percy, Ron
Rating: PG. D:
Warnings: The decided lack of porn will depress those looking for a kinky midnight snack. :\
Themes/kinks chosen: Percy Weasley is in league with the Death Eaters. He may or may not actually be spying for Dumbledore as a double agent.

17th November 2007 10:25
Ahhhhh. I love that last line. Lovely!
18th November 2007 00:11
You know? Percy's rationale at the end makes sense.
And he's quite sexy here. :)
18th November 2007 16:39
I think this is the first 'pretty' Ron I've ever seen. I could go for more Ron/ if I pictured him this way, and Percy isn't so bad either. Nice job!
18th November 2007 18:40
What a gorgeous picture! I love how bishounen Ron looks. ^_^ And the theme behind it, ooh, yes!
19th November 2007 13:35
Gorgeous, I love the colours.
20th November 2007 00:21
Their hair is very pretty. I'm going to imagine that immediately after this scene, Percy has Ron go to his knees at wand-point. Porn ensues ;).
21st November 2007 15:12
Ooh! I love your coloring! It's gorgeous!
24th November 2007 00:48
This is so hot! I love Ron's hair and they are so sweetly hot.
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