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17th November 2007 00:43 - Crack Art
Dear God! It is NOT MY FAULT that the theme is CRACK this month! I seriously take no responsibility for my actions. Although, I WILL apologize for them.

The prompt I chose was: Madame Pince winds up in Snape's bed.

Well, that was the prompt, anyway. My plan was to draw Pince, all smexy on Snape's bed, and have us see just the corner of Snape's clenching arm/hand in the foreground (clenching in horror) But, as usual, I drew Pince too big, and so all we get is HER! *sigh*

Title: Books are Sexy!
Artist: tripperfunster
Media: pencil crayons and markers
Characters: Pince
Rating: R
Warnings: Oh sweet Jesus, shield yer eyeses!!
Theme: Squick? Is that a theme?

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