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Crack Art 
17th November 2007 00:43
Dear God! It is NOT MY FAULT that the theme is CRACK this month! I seriously take no responsibility for my actions. Although, I WILL apologize for them.

The prompt I chose was: Madame Pince winds up in Snape's bed.

Well, that was the prompt, anyway. My plan was to draw Pince, all smexy on Snape's bed, and have us see just the corner of Snape's clenching arm/hand in the foreground (clenching in horror) But, as usual, I drew Pince too big, and so all we get is HER! *sigh*

Title: Books are Sexy!
Artist: tripperfunster
Media: pencil crayons and markers
Characters: Pince
Rating: R
Warnings: Oh sweet Jesus, shield yer eyeses!!
Theme: Squick? Is that a theme?

17th November 2007 07:15
hehe poor Severus XD
17th November 2007 08:21
Oh my gods *G* Well, I agree with the titles, books are sexy! And some librarians too... (I know some nice ones of varying gender.)
Really, Pince here isn't a bad one either, if she'd kept her bra on ;-)
17th November 2007 09:02
*giggles* Apart from the missing bra, she's actually quite pretty. You did a really nice job with the colouring too.
17th November 2007 10:17

This one brought an unexpected smile.
17th November 2007 10:44
Thank you, I really needed a good laugh today :D
17th November 2007 12:19
Boy, it took me a few minutes to stop mentally shrieking at the breasts, but I have to say, she is quite lovely -- above the shoulders. *G*
17th November 2007 13:34
Well, she looks happy, in any case. But my god, the boobs. *facepalms*. Shrieking in horror just doesn't get it. As always, your hair is gorgeous. I, of course, know why Snape isn't in the picture.... He's halfway to Hogsmeade by now. Books are Sexy...snerk.
17th November 2007 16:23
AAAAACCCCKKKK! Goodness woman! I had to scrub my eyes! What would be a great add on to this is Snape's reaction. ;)
17th November 2007 16:40
I have to agree with whoever said that Severus is halfway to Hogsmeade.

If you can get past the tribal sag boobs she's quite lovely for a "mature" woman.
17th November 2007 22:59
You are fab. Hooray for crack love!
18th November 2007 00:12
Oh dear.
This was the night Severus learned how to fly, yes? When he jumped out his wondow? *G*
18th November 2007 02:45
18th November 2007 07:11
LMAO! She's wonderful! Must've terrified poor Severus though! :)
18th November 2007 07:28
My eyes!

Snape ran faster that night then ever before in life, including the time he met with Mooney.
18th November 2007 13:04

As for Madam Pince ... someone has been at Trelawney's sherry...

18th November 2007 17:10
haha, LOVE the hair, and just how smexy she is!
18th November 2007 18:05
Dear Tripp,
When did you take that photo of me? Was it last week when I was trying on my new hat for Ascot?
It's very nice of you to use me as a model, I thought my centrefold days were over.
19th November 2007 17:52
Aaaaahahaha, oh, the poor dear is trying so hard to be alluring, isn't she? ::dies::
20th November 2007 00:14
She's got pornstar hair, hee :). Actually, I quite love her expression.
20th November 2007 14:00
*BURSTS* This is absolutely wonderful and strange at the same time...and I can't get over at how real it feels! *giggle* Thank you for sharing!
20th November 2007 18:20
How awesome that she still feels confident enough to express herself that way. Go Madame Pince.
21st November 2007 15:14


Here, *hands you the interwebs*, it's yours. You won it fair and square.
24th November 2007 10:52
I think I just went temporarily blind here. Poor Severus. Run Sev run as fast as you can!
27th November 2007 23:19
She really is quite lovely, other than the boobs looking like elbows. :P
4th December 2007 06:36

Oh dear! I'm glad I saw it albeit a little late.
Thank you for this I really needed some laugh.
Awesome job!
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