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Fic: Weep no more for the lost (Bill/Charlie, the Carrows, NC-17) 
15th November 2007 07:04
Title: Weep no more for the lost
Author: [info]ceria
Characters: Bill and Charlie Weasley, Alecto and Amycus Carrow
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Kinks: Implied rape, abuse, blood play, rape, water sports, incest and violence.
Word Count: about 2,400
Fake Spoiler/prompt: Bill and Charlie Weasley go on a rampage and help kill Voldemort the Carrows for messing with their sister.
Authors' notes: The title is taken from Stephen Lawhead's book, Taliesin.
A million thanks to my two darling betas for their help, all mistakes are my own.

Seven days after she disappeared, Percy finds her at Hogwarts. Father's cry of anguish makes my brothers and me stop fighting and turn as one. No one could move at first, we stand as if frozen while Percy stumbles across the uneven ground, littered with stunned children, dead Death Eaters and shattered statues, as he carefully carries her, cradled in his trembling arms.

She looks like a broken doll, bright red hair stained with trailing strands of maroon, dripping carelessly down Percy's arm, staining his robes.

He stops, and Fred and George move as one, reaching Percy's side, supporting him and Ginny between their embrace. He doesn't say where he found her, but his face is a portrait of anguish.

Charlie reaches for me and I, unable to speak in my shock, glance at him. Trembling with rage, we wait until Mum and Dad are distracted as well, the six of them a closed circle, silently surrounding her.

Neither of us are healers, we can't help Ginny or comfort our family. Instead, as we leave, both of us of one mind and without a word, we know what we can do best. One touch, one nod and we fade away from the family, knowing that Ginny is safest with them.

* * *

It is so easy to give way to the anger boiling beneath my skin. I glance to my side, Charlie is matching me stride for stride as we walk, stepping over the dead. He kicks one slim, masked man who is curled into a fetal position, lying on the side of the hallway and I laugh, joyous, as I wonder if he was there, if maybe he was one of the ones who cut Ginny's tender skin.

I purposely step out of my way as I see another one, his pale mask fallen on the floor, matching his bloodless, shocked expression and I nod in his direction, grinning at Charlie as I step on the lifeless hand that still grips a wand, reveling in the cracking of bones beneath my boots.

Charlie's laughter is contagious and I look at him; everything about Charlie is in sharp relief against the dull gray stone walls of Hogwarts that surround us. I can see him plainly, yet when I glance at the floor, it seems as though everyone else is blurry, dull. As if all I can see or feel is my brother and our anger, all else has faded, nothing means more at the moment.

I see movement from the corner of my eye and someone, masked and dressed in black, begins to raise his arm, but Charlie is already pointing at him, spouting off a curse before the man has uttered one syllable. We continue on, his shadowed form falling to the ground and I can see nothing but the flaming red of Charlie's hair, his feral grin as we walk. I step on the man as he finally stops moving, his pathetic body sliding out of the way, bending around my foot. I cannot believe the comfort his death brings me; part of my mind cowers in horror at my anger.

I cannot quite make out the words others are speaking as we turn the corner, all I can hear is Charlie breathing, in and out, in time with me. Five people are fighting before us and we move closer as one, their words slow and slurred as if they are caught in a time turner going half speed.

We are two brothers, one breath, two bodies, singular movements. An extension of each other's will. So this was how Fred and George usually felt. We raise our wands, Charlie casting Protego around the three students as I cast Petrificus Totalus on the two Death Eaters trying to kill them.

"Why, brother mine," Charlie says, grinning, pausing to lick his bloody lip and I wonder when that happened. He tilts his head to indicate he means the short, lumpy Death Eaters before us. "I believe we just found Alecto and Amycus Carrow. Didn't our sister tell us they are both Professors this year?"

Nodding, I can't help but snarl as I answer. "Yes, they are – were - Professors. I believe their tenure should be at an end, brother." A flip of my wand and they are floating behind us, following us down the empty hall we just exited. Charlie silences them with another spell, then nods in approval, knowing as I do that we need somewhere quiet where we won't be interrupted.

Around one more corner, and finally the four of us are alone. A whisk of Charlie's wand and Alecto Carrow is righted once more, propped against the wall in the corner facing us. Amycus is slammed into the adjoining wall just out of arms' reach from his sister. His nose, which is crunching and bleeding as he hits the wall, reminds me immediately of the maroon tears trailing down Percy's clothes as he carried Ginny.

The silencing spell is removed from the two of them and I cast Muffliato around the alcove where we stand. Alecto is already laughing, "If you're so brave, Weasels, free us."

Charlie raises his head, eyes narrowing, lips compressed together and glares at her, taking two steps forward. "Tell me, Sister Carrow, did you partake in Ginny's torture. Were you brave enough to let her stand free, or did you hide behind your brother and watch him take a helpless girl?"

"Your sister took my brother in like a professional," she begins, but Charlie silences her with one ringing slap to her face. He reaches out, clamping his hand around her breast and twists. "Yes, you're both so brave."

"Hands off her," Amycus says, his voice shaking with anger, and I finally move. Spurred forward by his pathetic words, I slam my body into his, grinding his already broken nose and he coughs, too much blood running down his throat.

"Greyback should have been more thorough and finished you, freak," he says.

I laugh, the horror of my face no longer plaguing me; my wife has wiped away all my fear of that. "He's like the rest of you, I was still able to fight, so he had to run away."

"And what are you?" Alecto asks, "If you are so brave, so noble, then face us like men."

Charlie backhands her and I wonder how many it will take until her face is too swollen for speech. Nodding in approval I turn back to Amycus, talking harshly enough that I'm spitting on his neck, "I wonder if I'm tainted enough to bite you. Would you like to find out?"

"Not him," Charlie says, "but her. Bite her." And I can instantly tell Charlie is correct. The brother Carrow doesn't seem to care about himself, but threaten her... Pressed fully against his back, I can feel his tremor of uncertainty. He's already beginning to wonder just what we're capable of doing. I know I can't infect them, for I am not infected, but I can smell his fear. He is unsure if I'm a werewolf or not, and it's intoxicating.

"You are no better than us, for all your vaulted ideas and words," she says, then spits at me. It falls short, landing on the floor, and I shrug my shoulders. "Let me go," she continues, "fight me like a real man."

"Set you free? Oh, we'll set you free. You two will be exchanged for our little sister. It's a fair enough deal," too bad she cannot see the expression on Charlie's face, for I find it beautiful.

Alecto is not afraid - yet - for she is still glaring at us. I cannot think beyond her earlier taunt, wondering if this Death Eater in my grasp really touched my sister, if Ginny was forced to give up her virginity to such as him.

Then, as if he can hear my very thoughts, Amycus decides to take courage from his sister's foolishness. "She has freckles on her belly," he says, "Including a few on the inside of her right thigh, although those were harder to see…"

Snarling, Charlie moves faster than I do and punches him, grinding his broken nose and Amycus howls with pain. Unable to think any longer, I rip the back of his clothes, pressing my hips against him. I am unable to see the ugly, lumpy wizard that he is; instead I focus on my brother, his anger, my anger, our fury, and desire to return a little something to them, for Ginny didn't deserve such a fate.

His sister must hear the ripping of material, for what colour remains in her face drains away, shock replacing it. I think, until that very moment, she only expected us to threaten them, that we wouldn't really hurt them. I laugh, knowing that I've picked the best way possible to defeat them. She is struggling frantically, my spell not strong enough to hold her immobile much longer.

I focus on Charlie. His lip is bleeding again and it reminds me of Percy's face, the bloody handprint across his cheek, as if Ginny touched him, trying to prove to herself it really had been her brother in front of her, trying to rescue her.

Furious, I think of the one thing that can hurt both Carrows and, watching my beautiful Charlie, I rip the rest of Amycus' clothing, spitting in my hand to slick myself and push inside.

He screams and it's so… satisfying to my anger. I can see Ginny's horror in my mind's eye, her anguish, and I wonder who felt sorry for her as she lay tied in that room, susceptible to their every whim. Charlie is watching me, his eyes boring into mine. And I can tell he wishes it was him instead of me causing such pain.

I can see Alecto moving and I raise my wand, but she's fast in her anger, stepping forward, seeing only me hurting her brother, who is bent beneath my body, my strong hands digging into his shoulders, my hips pushing back and forth. I've never done this before, I've never wanted a man beneath me, but for my sister, I'd do anything to repay her pain. Anything.

Alecto is almost within reach when Charlie reacts, raising his wand, casting the one spell I never thought to hear my brother say. She falls to the ground, in a lifeless heap and Amycus cries out beneath me in anguish. He's sobbing and I finally, finally, begin to feel vindicated for the horrors they caused poor Ginny.

Charlie laughs again and I shiver as my anger begins to fade, the alcove smells of fear and blood. Of sex - and I can't help but wonder what that room looked like where Percy found Ginny.

I catch my brother's eye and his shoulders are shaking with enjoyment. Amycus is still crying, reaching out for his sister, but her body fell too far away from him and my grip is too strong.

One more smell fills the small area, the sharp tang of acid, the steady stream of urine and I see Charlie, marking her where she fell, then aiming at Amycus' outstretched hands, mocking him because they will die apart from one another, at the hands of the brothers of the young girl they violated.

His cries become more erratic as I get close to finishing, still watching my brother. Charlie meets my eyes again, touching himself now, his hand moving in time with my hips.

"Charlie," I whisper, so close and he nods, acknowledging my words, but he doesn't look at me. Instead he stares at Carrow – the living one. I pull out of him, unable to finish what I started, I will not waste myself inside his body.

"Time to join your sister," my brother says, and casts the spell once more. Only my grip on Amycus keeps him from collapsing. Laughing as his body stiffens from the Unforgivable, I let go, stumbling backwards.

Scents overwhelm me as I fall against the wall, finally acknowledging what Charlie did. There are two dead bodies at our feet and, appalled, I look to my brother. Charlie's presence calms me. There is vindication in his eyes, and I hold his gaze, unwilling to look around, to admit what we just did to these two, no matter if they deserved it or not.

Holding my hand out, Charlie steps toward me quickly, and I press my lips to his, wanting to tell him thank you, to reassure him (myself) that we're in this together no matter what, that I love my family, as he does, and Ginny deserved this.

Charlie is still nodding, his anger not spent as he's still hard, still wanking. I want to help him, but I'm tired, worn out from emotions. He draws closer and I pull him into my arms, nuzzling his chin, licking the dried blood from his lip.

Moaning, he kisses me and how can I refuse him? No one else would have helped me settle Ginny's score. Everyone else would think me mad for doing what I just did.

He rotates his hips, and I stand up, pushing away from the wall to lean against him, enclose him in my arms, to slide my tongue between his teeth and kiss him hungrily until he groans in my mouth as he comes, my lips swallowing the sound.

Our anger sated, we catch our breath, clinging to each other. I need my brother's companionship, his support. And he needs me, as he calms down, I can feel the beginnings of shock settling around him. Even without looking, I know he's upset.

We are not meant to do such things to people - even if they deserved it.

"What have I done?" Charlie mutters against my shoulder, afraid to look at me, as if I might blame him.

"You've done nothing I didn't do," I tell him, kissing the crown of his head. Realizing as I speak that I mean those words. The shock is already fading from me and I am no longer horrified by my actions.

"But, I was the one who…"

"You did nothing I didn't do," I whisper again fiercely, tilting up his chin, making him look at me.

"They hurt Ginny, Charlie. They almost killed her. We've done nothing here that they didn't deserve. Do you remember her letters home? The way these two tortured innocent children?

"Do not fret, brother mine. Do not feel sorrow for them."

"But, Bill, what about us?"

His face turns green and I spin him around, letting him sick up as he leans his head against the wall. My stomach isn't turning, but my cheeks are wet. While Charlie gets sick for us, I cry for our baby sister. I cry for the children who were tortured. But I don't cry for myself.

I have no regrets tonight.
15th November 2007 23:38
Oh, beautiful. Simply beautiful. Brutal, dark, cruel...and yet undeniably hot. Great job! :)
17th November 2007 23:50
Thank you muchly. From the moment I saw the prompt, I knew what I would write and it really surprised me I could even write it.
16th November 2007 05:27
Wow, this is really stark and grim. Good stuff :)
17th November 2007 23:51
Thanks! Bill and Charlie surprised me here, and I even tried to tone it down because I thought there was no way I could write it.
18th November 2007 13:28
Now that you're back, I can give you my two Knuts' worth. I love this. I never ever thought I would read a fic with all those kinks and love it, but you made it possible. Because it's all plausible. War is hell and men (and wizards) do things they'd never do in normal circumstances.

The anger of the brothers is so palpable and it only makes sense that they would react the way they did. It might have been a more "Gryffindorish" thing to do if they tied the Carrows and send them to jail. But this is much more realistic.

A part of DH that made me rejoice was when Kingsley (oh, stop snickering, you!) very matter-of-factly said "Might have killed one." The good guys Stunned, Stupefied, but didn't really kill, did they? I wonder how they would win the war like that. It was great to see a character like Kingsley admitting it so simply. It's a damn war! But this is all OT, sorry. Just a parallel.

I've told you countless times that I loved this fic. Well, you just heard it again.
18th November 2007 13:43
I don't know what I would have done without you two being willing to beta it for me and tell it it's okay. I really wanted to manage a gritty, dark story and yay that it seems to work - even with a first person pov, which I dislike.

Thanks for the hand holding,and that's a good point about Kingsley saying that (Ha! still snickering).

I think I live to make you read things you think you don't like...
18th November 2007 13:51
Yes, I think this is your goal in life. The day you make me read Snape, though...
18th November 2007 13:58
*gigglesnort* Stop lying to yourself, you know it's too late to even claim that. Hey, I made you read necrophilia before I took it out of this story. I would think anything is possible.

I would never can't imagine I would ever write anything for public view with Snape in it. There. How's that? Now neither of us have to admit to anything.
18th November 2007 14:17
Well, if you write Snape crackfic, I'll read it - what about that?
30th November 2007 12:02
Oh, bloody hell, Wow!

So twisted and the psychology really worked, especially at the end.

I loved it.
30th November 2007 13:45
Thank you! I had fun with this one because it is so twisted.
5th December 2007 20:32
Oh this was just wonderfully dark. I really love the beginning having Percy being the one to carry their sister back. Well done. ^_^
28th December 2007 10:57
Hi. Sorry it took so long for me to say thank you! I just saw this. So, erm, thank you! Seriously, the piece practically wrote itself, this was a fun one.
28th December 2007 05:18
Wow! I've never imagined Bill or Charlie that dark, yet you really pulled this off. Incredible work.
28th December 2007 10:59
When I first saw the prompt, I knew I wanted to try it, and I thought the exact same thing, there's no way they could be that dark. Thank you so much!
24th January 2008 13:29
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