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7th May 2019 16:25
Title: Do It For the Vines
Author: Leontina
Characters/Pairings: Neville/Harry, Harry/tentacles
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Tentacles
Other Warnings/Content: Dom/sub, bondage
Word Count: 1100
Summary/Description: He’d finally admitted to Neville what he wanted, and now it’s finally happening, Harry can’t wait
Author's Notes: Thank you to the mods for allowing me to be a couple of days late with this when real life got in the way. I love Neville/Harry, and I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve written it!

Also mods, please could I have a tag for theme: tentacles :)

Harry knelt patiently on the floor, fists resting on his bare thighs. He wasn’t cold--the floor had plush carpet, and the room was at a pleasant temperature--but he shivered anyway in anticipation. Neville had told Harry to take the position and wait, and Harry hadn’t moved since Neville left him.

His heart was beating wildly in his chest, his gaze constantly darting to the door in the hopes that Neville would walk back through it. Usually when Harry submitted himself like this, he would drift off and find himself in a floaty kind of space where all he craved was the combination of pain and pleasure that Neville could provide him with.

Today, though, was different; there would be no paddles or handcuffs, no blindfolds or clamps. Harry had a plug in his arse, as usual, so Neville didn’t need to worry about preparation later, but other than that, the scene awaiting Harry was completely new to him.

Neville had first mentioned it in passing a few weeks ago, and Harry had found himself impossibly intrigued. He hadn’t said anything at the time, fearing it would be seen as too out-there a request, but Neville had gotten it out of Harry eventually. Orgasm denial, apparently, had Harry spilling all his secrets.

Once his desire was out in the open, he and Neville had discussed the hows and whys, and finally it was happening. The idea was so exciting that Harry knew he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near subspace until he was immersed in the experience.

He jumped slightly as the door creaked open, but remained firmly in position.

“Stand,” Neville said, voice soft and unassuming,but somehow still able to command obedience.

Neville strode over to Harry, drawing Harry into his strong arms. He kissed Harry’s forehead gently.

“Are you still up for this, Flower?”

Harry nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

Neville smiled fondly. “Good boy. Remember that ‘red’ or wriggling your fingers are your safewords. Now, shall we go?”

Harry knew the safewords off by heart, but Neville still insisted on reminding him every time. Even as a dom, Neville was a gentle soul.

Neville attached a leash to the black leather collar strapped around Harry’s neck, and led him through the house, past their usual dungeon playroom, and out into the garden and the greenhouse situated in it.

Harry’s heart was pounding even harder, his cock growing hard as soon as his eyes locked on the wild plant. Budding from a large pink flower were several thick tendrils, all of them at least three feet in length. They writhed and wriggled on the floor, inching closer to Harry and Neville as though it could sense them.

“Give it a moment, Audrey,” Neville said, prompting the tentacles to slink back towards the flower. “Whenever you’re ready, go and stand in the centre of the room.”

Neville unclasped the leash, and Harry took a deep breath and stepped towards the place he’d been directed. His cock twitched as tentacles immediately darted towards him and wrapped themselves around his wrists and ankles and hoisted him into the air, spreading his legs apart.

One dove behind him, tickling his hole as it dragged the plug out of him and allowed it to drop to the floor. The tendril stroked up and over his rim, strangely soft and sticky all at once.

“You good, Flower?” Neville called out to him. His trousers were unbuttoned, his hand slipped underneath the fabric as he touched himself.

“Y-yes,” Harry stammered, eyes fluttering shut as two thinner tentacles began to flick his nipples. “Fucking fantastic, in fact.”

“Brilliant,” Neville beamed. “Audrey, you’re free to start what we discussed, but remember to begin slow.”

Harry had a moment of bewilderment about Neville conversing with his plants, but then one of the tendrils wrapped around the base his cock, while another sucked at the top, and all coherent thoughts left Harry’s mind.

Tentacles of all different sizes stroked along his body, leaving a sticky residue in their path. Two of them seemed firmly attached to his thighs, wrapping around them and squeezing, uncurling, then repeating the action. More travelled down the length of his legs, and across his stomach and chest, while the ones at his nipples and cock were unrelenting in their stroking.

A fairly thick one floated in front of his face, and Harry opened his mouth obligingly. The tentacle thrust forwards, filling his mouth. It tasted surprisingly pleasant and floral, and although he’d much rather be sucking a cock, he quite appreciated the way the tendril took control without gagging him.

His heart and cock both jolted as the tentacle that had been teasing his rim finally began to push inside of him, smooth and thick and filling him completely. It was a weird sensation, but brilliant, too, and Harry felt like every pleasure nerve in his body was on high alert. There were so many different experiences going on with his body that he couldn’t think; all he knew was pleasure.

The tentacle in his arse began to push in more firmly, hammering against his prostate with every movement. He whimpered around the tendril in his mouth, craving more of its sweet flavour. The one wrapped around his cock was stopping him from coming, which was good because Harry definitely wouldn’t have lasted with the intense rush of pleasure.

Harry found himself losing all track of the time as the tentacles continued to assault his body with pleasure, and as soon as the tentacles uncurled from his cock he came harder than he’d ever come in his life. He panted heavily as the rest moved away from him and he was lowered gently to the floor.

Neville was on him instantly, wrapping a thick, warm blanket around his trembling body. Everything felt fuzzy, like he was floating in a kingdom of clouds, and he knew that Neville was going to look after him now.

“You did so well, Flower, I’m proud of you. You were beautiful up there; I came twice just from watching your face. Let’s go and get you a nice cup of tea, yeah?” Neville wrapped his arm around Harry’s shoulders to support him standing up. “Thank you, Audrey.”

The plant responded by slapping Harry’s arse with a tentacle, and Neville chucked.

“Seems like Audrey likes your arse nearly as much as I do.You really were wonderful, such a good boy for me, Harry.”

Harry sighed happily, resting his head against Neville’s shoulder as he thought about just how lucky he was to have Neville in his life.
7th May 2019 21:34
Oh, this is delicious! I don't tend to read this pairing, but you've done them so well! I like that it was more about Harry and the tentacles than a combination including Neville. It's quite a nice change from other tentacle fics. :)
10th May 2019 01:37
Oh, UNFFF, this was fabulous!! I love Dom!Neville here and he was such a great pick for the tentacle theme! Loved his command of his ~plants~ and him calling Harry "Flower" was too sweet.
24th May 2019 14:45
I loved this! Dom!Neville is my absolute fav, and I love that he calls Harry FLOWER! (and his plant Audrey, so clever). I love that he wrapped Harry in a blanket immediately making him feel safe and loved so he could stay in his space longer, knowing someone had him, was taking care of him. Thank you for writing and sharing this!!!
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